Report or complain


Need to tell us about something? Fallen tree, pothole, faulty street light? You can contact us through this section.

Illegally parked car

Abandoned vehicle or illegal parking

Report an abandoned vehicle or illlegally parked car and we will come and investigate it.
Barking dog

Animal problem

Report a problem animal.
blocked drains

Blocked drains

If there is a blocked kerbside drain in your street, we can clear it for you.
graffiti and vandalism

Graffiti & vandalism

We are tough on graffiti in Ku-ring-gai and will remove it from public property within one week or sooner if it is offensive.
Rubbish dumped illegally in Ku-ring-gai

Illegal dumping

Suspect some rubbish has been dumped illegally? Report it to us and we'll investigate it.
Tree trunk

Fallen tree or branch

Report a fallen tree or branch on public land.
Street light

Street lights

Report faulty streetlights on the Ausgrid website
lost and found pets

Lost and found pets

Lost your pet or found one? Report it here.

Missed garbage collection

Submit an online request & we will collect it as soon as possible.
Volume control


Loud music, pool pumps and air conditioners are some examples of noise that can disturb you or your neighbours. Here's how to address a noise problem.
Streetscape at night


Report a pothole and we will generally fix it within three working days - depending on the size and location of the pothole.
Shopping trolley

Shopping trolleys

Abandoned shopping trolleys should be reported directly to the shop it came from.
report a feral animal

Report a feral animal

Report a feral animal such as foxes, rabbits and indian mynahs.
general feedback form

General feedback form

Do you have feedback on our services?