Illegal dumping


Did you know?

Illegal dumping is the unauthorised dumping of waste in natural areas, parks and recreation areas and at kerbside. Unbooked cleanup waste is illegal dumping. Adding waste to someone else’s booked pile is also illegal dumping. Illegal dumping is against the law.

Consequences for all of us

Illegal dumping has significant impact socially, economically and environmentally. Illegal Dumping ruins the beauty of our natural areas, parks and neighbourhoods. It creates an eyesore that reduces community pride and often attracts more illegal dumping.  

Moreover, illegal dumping of garden waste, soil, lawn clippings and other organic material is a serious problem for our natural areas. It compromises the integrity of ecological values, impedes fire management, reduces visual amenity and jeopardises public safety.

Every household is paying for illegal dumping

Ku-ring-gai Council carries the cost of removing, transporting and disposing of illegally dumped material. These costs are passed on to the community through your Domestic Waste Management Charge.

Report illegal dumping online

You can help stop it

Ku-ring-gai Council is tackling the problem of illegal dumping. Specialist Waste Investigators are now working to:

  • Find and investigate illegally dumped waste
  • Take action against the Offender

Overt surveillance targeting dumping

View information and the operating procedure and code of practice for overt surveillance in public places.

What else can we do?

Encourage our community not to dump waste or organic material in our natural areas, parks or on the kerbside.  

Keep an eye out for commercial operators dumping greenwaste, mulch, soil, building rubble and demolition material in our parks, car parks and bushland. If you see a non-Council vehicle dumping material take note of the number plate, company name and a description of the vehicle. Use legitimate businesses that will provide you with dockets as evidence of lawful disposal and watch out for unscrupulous operators who won’t. 

Report any illegal dumping you see – take note of the time, write down number plates, descriptions of vehicles and persons involves – and don’t forget the location. Let our Waste Investigators know by making an online report or calling Ku-ring-gai Council on 9424 0000.

Doing the right thing is easy

Book a Council bulky waste clean up (subject to availability)  

Book a cleanup online or call 9424 0000.

Use the services Council provides

Ku-ring-gai Council also operates a whitegoods collection and mobile chipping service. Ku-ring-gai Council offers regular free events to dispose of e-waste and hazardous chemicals (click through). Items can also be dropped off at Kimbrikki or Suez Transfer Station Ryde.

Consider selling or sharing your unwanted items

A Council cleanup is only one of many options to dispose of your unwanted items. Before booking a cleanup have you considered selling or sharing your unwanted items via eBay, Gumtree, Freecycle or Ziilch.

Charity organisations such as The Bower Reuse and Repair Centre collect, repair and sell preloved goods.