Payment methods

We accept the following payment methods except where stated on a particular form:

Please note any credit card payments will incur the following charges: Visa and MasterCard - 0.5% American Express - 1.5%

Access to information

Formal Access Application Form (pdf. 55KB)

Informal Access Application Form (pdf. 125KB)

Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement (pdf. 35KB)

Search of Operations Records (pdf. 203KB)


Dangerous or barking dog

Deceased pet notification

Lost and found pets

Pet Change of Address Form (pdf. 404KB)

Pet Change of Owner Form (pdf. 144KB)

Online Pet Registration

Arts and events

Add event to Council website

Busking Application (pdf. 253KB)

Filming Application (pdf. 150KB)

Ku-ring-gai Art Centre Enrolment Form (pdf. 323KB)

Sale of Goods from Stall or Vehicle (pdf. 94KB)

Street Stalls - Non-commercial (pdf. 67KB)

Temporary Access Over Community Lands (pdf. 242KB)

Temporary Roadside Closure or Special Event Application (pdf. 180KB)

Building and development 

Application for Inspection of Swimming Pool Barrier

Notice to appoint a replacement PCA (pdf. 37KB)

Application for a building certificate - IMPORTANT - Read the Information Sheet for Application for Section 149D Building Certificate.pdf (pdf. 155KB) before lodging

Notice of commencement of building work (pdf. 77KB)

Bushfire Risk Assessment Certificate (pdf. 14KB)

Lodge a certificate application online

Application for a Complying Development Certificate (pdf. 299KB)

Construction Certificate Application Form (pdf. 2MB)

Development Application Form and Checklist (pdf. 510KB)

Development Application Guide (pdf. 1MB)

Application to modify a Development Consent (pdf. 104KB)

Request for Driveway Levels

Extension of Term of Development Consent (pdf. 82KB)

Fencing Proposal (pdf. 7KB)

Annual Fire Safety Statement(AFSS) (pdf. 37KB)

Final/Interim Fire Safety Certificate (pdf. 46KB)

Application for an Occupation Certificate (pdf. 102KB)

Application for Out of Hours Work

Planning Proposals

Pre Complying Development Consultation Information Sheet (pdf. 141KB)

Pre Complying Development Consultation Service (online application)

Agreement for the Performance of Certification Work (pdf. 155KB)

Plan of Subdivision Lodgement form (pdf. 155KB)

Private Use of Road Reserve and Nature Strips Online Application - Important: Please read the Private_Use_of_Road_Reserve_and_Nature_Strips_policy.pdf (pdf. 120KB) before lodging

Application for Change of Property Owner Address (pdf. 31KB)

Review of DA Determination - Section 82A (pdf. 189KB)

Review of DA Rejection - Section 82B (pdf. 342KB)

Review of DA Modification Determination - Section 96 (pdf. 596KB) 

Review of DA Modification Determination - Section 96AB (pdf. 402KB)

Road Opening Permit

Swimming Pool Register NSW- Registration Form for Public Use (pdf. 202KB)

Swimming Pool Exemption Application (pdf. 259KB)

Application to install Manufactured Home, Moveable Dwelling or Associated Structure & Temporary Structure

Works Zone Application  (pdf. 41KB)

Development application (Pre-DA Consultation)

Pre-DA consultation service suspended from 1 December 2017 to 14 February 2018

To ensure we continue to offer a quality service, no applications for Pre-DA consultations will be accepted between 1 December 2017 and 14 February 2018 due to staff and other resourcing issues over the holiday season.

Pre-DA Consultation flyer (pdf. 697KB)

To apply, please select the type of development you intend to lodge

  • Residential alteration and additions, ancillary structures, pools, tennis courts, garages etc, including signage and advertising structure
  • New dwelling house
  • Dual occupancy, 1 secondary dwellings, Granny flat
  • SEPP Seniors living development and residential flat buildings, mixed use developments, multi-dwelling housing and new retail/commercial/office development 2
  • Alterations to schools
  • Alterations to nursing homes and hospitals
  • Alterations and additions to retail/commercial development, events etc.
  • Subdivision to create two lots
  • Subdivision to create in excess of two lots
  • Alterations to churches
  • New Childcare Centres
  • Alterations to Childcare Centres

Follow up Pre-DA Consultation Service Application Form (pdf. 236KB)


Engage in Trade or Business on Community Land (pdf. 306KB)

Outdoor Dining Application (pdf. 114KB)

Sale of Goods from Stall or Vehicle (pdf. 94KB)

Trade Waste & Recycling Service Agreement Form (pdf. 128KB)

Trade Waste & Recycling Adjustment Form (pdf. 40KB)


Immunisation Registration Form (pdf. 33KB)

Thomas Carlyle Children's Centre Waiting List (pdf. 197KB)

Rates and payments

Credit Card Payment Form (pdf. 183KB)

Direct Debit Request Form (pdf. 170KB)

Apply for a 603 Certificate (Outstanding rates) online

Property Owner Change of Address Form (pdf. 31KB)

Report a problem

Report abandoned vehicles of illegal parking

Report blocked drain

Report fallen tree or branch

Report faulty street light

Report graffiti and vandalism

Report illegal dumping

Report lost of found pet

Report missed garbage collection

Report noise

Report pothole

Report problem animal

Report shopping trolley

Roads and footpaths

Construction of Gutter Crossings and Footpath Crossings - Specification (pdf. 717KB)

Request for Driveway Levels

Information Sheet for Hoardings or Barricades on Footpath (pdf. 143KB)

Erect Barricade or Hoarding on Footpath - Standard

Erect Barricade or Hoarding on Footpath - Urgent

Hoist or Pump Material Across Footpath (pdf. 101KB)

Place Goods on or Above Footpath (pdf. 233KB)

Report abandoned vehicle or illegal parking

Report blocked drain

Report pothole

Report faulty street light

Road Closure and Sale Procedure for Applicants (pdf. 138KB)

Road Opening Permit

Store Material on Footpath (pdf. 232KB)

Temporary Access Over Community Land (pdf. 176KB) 

Temporary Road Closure Application (pdf. 48KB)

Works Zone Application  (pdf. 41KB)

Section 68

Amusement Rides and Devices (pdf. 251KB)

Activity Application Place Clothing Bin in a Public Place (pdf. 95KB)

Activity Application Tower Cranes (pdf. 342KB)

Hoist or Pump Material Across Footpath (pdf. 111KB)

Place goods on or Above Footpath (pdf. 156KB)

Engage in Trade or Business on Community Land (pdf. 115KB)

Erect Barricade or Hoarding on Footpath  (pdf. 323KB)

Operate a Loudspeaker/Amplification device (pdf. 127KB)

Outdoor Dining Application (pdf. 166KB)

Public Car park (pdf. 145KB)

Place of Public Entertainment (pdf. 174KB)

Install Manufactured Home, Moveable Dwelling or Associated Structure & Temporary Structure (pdf. 141KB)

Sale of Goods from Stall or Vehicle (pdf. 113KB)

Busking Application (pdf. 136KB)

Place Waste Container in Public Place (pdf. 100KB)

Store Material on Footpath (pdf. 127KB)

Waste Treatment Device or Storage Facility - Install, Construct or Alter (pdf. 351KB)

Sewer Management System Operation (pdf. 187KB)

Modify a Section 68 Consent (pdf. 93KB)

Modify a Section 68 Consent - Outdoor Dining (pdf. 162KB)

Extension of a Section 68 Consent (pdf. 88KB)

Review of a Section 68 Consent (pdf. 117KB)

Sports and recreation

Book a venue

Casual Fee Waiver Form (pdf. 143KB)

Casual Hire Application Form (pdf. 227KB)

Consumption of Alcohol Permit (pdf. 37KB)

Waste and recycling

Book cleanup online

Houses Additional Green Waste Bin Form.pdf (pdf. 189KB)

Larger Waste Bin Form.pdf (pdf. 190KB)

Units Green Waste Bin Form.pdf (pdf. 189KB)

Non-Residential Green Waste Bin Form (pdf. 189KB)

Pile Burn on Private Property Application (pdf. 334KB)

Place Waste Container in Public Place (pdf. 258KB)

Report missed garbage collection

Sewer Management System operation (pdf. 206KB)

Trade Waste & Recycling Service Agreement Form.pdf (pdf. 235KB)

Trade Waste & Recycling Adjustment Form.pdf (pdf. 189KB)

Trade Waste Recycling Cancellation Form.pdf (pdf. 188KB)

Waste Management Plan - Construction, Demolition and Ongoing Use Application (pdf. 114KB)

Waste Treatment Device or Storage Facility - Install, Construct or Alter (pdf. 262KB)


Register for a Welcome Basket

Update contact details

Public Liability Claim Form (pdf. 214KB)

Application to prune or remove trees on private property (pdf. 234KB)

(pdf. 234KB)