Tree preservation

Most trees in Ku-ring-gai are protected by Council's Tree Preservation Order (TPO), which ensures management of Ku-ring-gai's tree and vegetation resources in a sustainable manner.

Tree Preservation Order  (pdf. 57KB) 

Trees on private property

If you’d like to prune or remove a tree on private property, check the Tree Preservation Order to see if you need Council approval. If you do, you’ll need to fill out the Request for Tree Works and send it to us.

Download Request for Tree Works  (pdf. 135KB)

Trees on public property

Our tree teams look after public areas such as parks, sportsgrounds, golf courses and nature strips. We prune trees, collect fallen trees/branches, and remove dead or dangerous trees/branches in accordance with the Tree Preservation Order.

Contact us to request tree maintenance in a public area

Trees in areas under development

To protect significant trees in areas under construction or development, we may establish a Tree Protection Zone. Usually fencing is placed around the trees and remains in place until work has finished.

Without these zones, the health and stability of trees could suffer from damage due to construction-related work, such as excavation or movement of heavy machinery.

Contact us for more information on trees and development


Assessment Guidelines for Trees on Private Land  (pdf. 35KB)

Advice on Choosing an Arborist  (pdf. 30KB)

Tree disputes

For information on tree disputes between neighbours view:

Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006 

Canopy Connect

Canopy Connect is now part of the Greenstyle Program. You can learn how to choose and look after native plants and receive gardening advice on what to plant and how to care for your garden.

Greenstyle Program