Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan

About the project

Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plans (PAMP) are focussed on investment in safe, convenient and coherent pedestrian infrastructure on key pedestrian routes, which have a high probability of attracting people to walk rather than use their cars.

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Why have a Pedestrian Access Mobility Plan?

Every trip usually starts and ends by walking, and actions in the Ku-ring-gai Integrated Transport Strategy (2011) recognise the importance of walking, including the potential that increased walking has to make significant changes to transport patterns by shifting car trips to walking trips.

Walkable environments also facilitate greater public transport use and contribute to healthy communities through the encouragement of physical activity.

Some of the key objectives of the PAMP are to:

  • Facilitate improvements in the level of pedestrian access and priority, particularly in areas of pedestrian concentration
  • Reduce pedestrian access severance and enhance safe and convenient crossing opportunities on major roads
  • Identify and resolve pedestrian crash clusters
  • Facilitate improvements in the level of personal mobility and safety for pedestrians with disabilities and older persons through the provision of pedestrian infrastructure and facilities which cater to the needs of all pedestrians, including motorised/non motorised wheelchairs and wheeled recreational toys
  • Provide links with other transport services to achieve an integrated land use and transport network of facilities that comply with best technical standards
  • Ensure pedestrian facilities are employed in a consistent and appropriate manner throughout NSW
  • Link existing vulnerable road user plans in a coordinated manner (eg: Bike Plans, Safer Routes to Schools Plan, Footpath Maintenance Programs, and associated issues to accessible public transport etc)
  • Further Council's obligations under the Commonwealth Disability Discrimination Act (1996)


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