Complying development

What is complying development?

Complying development is a fast track approval process for straightforward commercial development. Providing your application meets specific development standards, approval (known as a Complying Development Certificate or CDC) can be granted in 20 days or less by Council or a private accredited certifier without the need for a full development application.

What types of work is complying development?

  • Building alterations (internal and external).
  • Change of use of premises (the property's zoning must permit your use).
  • Demolition.
  • Driveways, hard stand spaces, pathways and paving.
  • Shop front and awning alterations.
  • Installation or alteration of a mechanical ventilation system.
  • Fire safety related installations and alterations (eg. fire sprinkler system in a residential care facility).
  • Strata subdivision of a building.
  • Skylights and roof windows.
  • Signs.

Is my work complying development?

  1. Check you property is eligible for complying development - a Section 10.7(2) Planning Certificate will tell you.

    Alternatively, check Clauses 1.17A, 1.18 and 1.19 of the Codes SEPP to find out if complying development can be carried out on your property.

  2. View the development standards your proposal must meet:

Type of development

Code name and links to development standards

Bed and breakfast accommodation

Home-based food business

General Development Code

Change of use of premises

Driveways and pathways

Internal building alterations

Mechanical ventilation systems

Shop fronts and awnings

Skylights and roof windows



Commercial and Industrial Alterations Code


Rear addition to commercial premises

External alterations


Commercial and Industrial (New Buildings and Additions) Code

Types of development permitted under this Code

Development standards

Strata subdivision of a building

Subdivisions Code

Demolition or removal of a

commercial building or ancillary


Demolition Code

Fire safety installations and alterations

Fire Safety Code

Useful resources

Complying development

Building Professionals Board

What land zone is my property? (eg Zone B2)

View the conditions of the last known development consent

Want to know what 'ancillary development' or 'gross floor area' is? Find out below.

Definitions List 1 (check first)

Definitions List 2

Pre-CDC Consultation

Our certifiers can identify whether your work is complying development or requires a development application. This can save you time, money and frustration.
Please note: Due to current concerns regarding COVID-19 (Corona Virus), Council is temporarily suspending face to face meetings. Council’s Pre-CDC Consultation service will be provided in the form of detailed written advice.

Apply for a Pre Complying Development Consultation Service online

Information_Sheet_for_Pre_CDC_Consultation_Service.pdf (pdf. 245KB)

How do I apply for a CDC with Council?

Why choose Council as your PCA?

Post approval

The Guide to the Building Approvals Process will help you identify the next steps involved once a CDC has been issued for your development.