DA Tracking

Development Application Tracking (DA Tracking) is a free service providing fast, convenient access to DA status, information and public documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Also available for access is information on Construction Certificates (CC) and Complying Development Certificates (CDC) that have been issued for a property.

The following DA related documents are available for viewing:

  • Any associated plans and documents
  • Any amended plans or documents submitted during the course of the assessment
  • Notices of Determination and approved plans

There are two option to search and track development applications

1) DA Tracking Application Search*

Use this option to search for an individual DA, to view DAs currently on notification or to view DAs submitted/determined in the past week or month.


2) DA Tracking Map View

Use this option to open Council’s Online Mapping tool and view a graphical image of DAs submitted/determine in the past week or month.


Notification of DAs and making a submission

How to make a submission about a DA

Making comments to Council about a DA that is under assessment is known as making a 'submission':

I wasn't notified of a DA but I want to make a submission

DAs are notified in accordance with the notification requirements specified in a Development Control Plan (DCP). The DCP outlines a range of notification methods which determine which properties are formally notified of a DA under assessment. This is based on a combination of factors but generally relates to the type and form of development being proposed. So small scale development usually requires notification to the properties immediately surrounding the subject site while large scale development would be notified to properties within a larger radius of the subject site and publicly exhibited in a local newspaper.

You can still make a submission in relation to a DA if you were not formally notified provided the DA is still under assessment and has not been determined. You should contact the council officer responsible for assessing the DA on (02) 9424 0000 and inform them of your intentions to make a submission.

You can view the progress of a DA under assessment and the name of the council assessing officer by following the instructions on how to use DA Tracking further above or contact one of our Customer Service operators on (02) 9424 0000 for assistance.

Which DAs can I view online?

At present, any DAs lodged before 2008 cannot be viewed online.

Request to view hard copy of DA file (pdf. 556KB)

DAs lodged: 2008 to 1 December 2010

You can only view the Notice of Determination and approved plans of a DA.

DAs lodged: 1 December 2010 to present day

You can view all the plans and documents submitted with a DA and the Notice of Determination and approved plans.


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For privacy reasons, some information has been removed from the development application forms.