Ku-ring-gai s94A Contributions Plan 2015 (s94A/s7.12)

There are two contributions plans currently active in the Ku-ring-gai Council area.  This page relates to the s94A/s7.12 contributions plan called Ku-ring-gai s94A Contributions Plan 2015.  This type of plan is also known as an ‘indirect’ plan or a ‘percentage levy’ plan. The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act was recently renumbered and s94A is now called s7.12.

There is also a s94/s7.11 contributions plan active in the Ku-ring-gai area which applies to different types of development and funds a separate works program. It is called Ku-ring-gai Contributions Plan 2010. As a result of the renumbering of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, s94 is now called s7.11.


Development contributions are contributions made to a local council when new developments are built. Mostly contributions are paid as monetary contributions but sometimes developers can deliver infrastructure as works-in-kind under a Planning Agreement. The monetary contributions are held in trust for the purposes of building community infrastructure and facilities where the new developments have been built. These include but are not limited to libraries and community centres, parks and playgrounds, footpaths, street furniture and traffic improvements.

Under NSW legislation, councils are required to prepare development contributions plans. The plans set out the level of contributions payable and a proposed works schedule.

Previously development contributions were known as s94A contributions and s94 contributions. Due to amendments to the Environment Planning and Assessment Act these contributions now fall under Part 7 Infrastructure Contributions and Finance. As such, s94A contributions are now called s7.12 contributions and s94 contributions are now called s7.11 contributions. Until the current contributions plans are formally amended, they will continue to use the former terms.

Section 94A maximum percentage

The maximum percentage of contributions based on the cost of developments is set by legislation and adopted within the s94A Contributions Plan as follows:

Proposed cost of the development

Maximum percentage of the levy 

 Up to $100,000  Nil (0%)
 $100,001 - $200,000  0.5 percent (0.5%)
 More than $200,000  1.0 percent (1%)


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Application of s94A/s7.12

It is important to note that the established s94/s7.11 plan, Ku-ring-gai Contributions Plan 2010, is not affected by the introduction of this complementary and mutually exclusive document.  Any development that is subject to direct s94/s7.11 contributions under Ku-ring-gai Contributions Plan 2010 continues to be so. 

Indirect contributions under s94A/s7.12 relate only to development that is not subject to s94/s7.11 contributions under Ku-ring-gai Contributions Plan 2010.

These contributions also support a completely separate works program.

Ku-ring-gai S94A Contributions Plan 2015

Ku-ring-gai S94A Contributions Plan 2015 can be downloaded as a single file. Please refer carefully to the sections that define the development to which Ku-ring-gai S94A Contributions Plan 2015 applies. As part of the documentation submitted to Council as part of any DA or CDC, it will be necessary to include either a cost report or a QS report (as applicable) from the templates found in Schedules One or Two of Ku-ring-gai S94A Contributions Plan 2015.

View the Ku-ring-gai S94A Contributions Plan 2015 (pdf. 1MB)

Further information

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