Forms and information packs


Building works

Building certificate

Complying development

Construction certificate

Development application

Development application (information packs)

Minor works applications

Modify development consent (section 96)


Occupation certificate

Building works

Appoint Council as Replacement PCA  (pdf. 153KB)

Notice of Commencement of Building Works

Principal Certifying Authority Service Agreement

Out of Hours Work Application Information Sheet - Read First (pdf. 143KB)

Out of Hours Work Application - Click here to Apply Online

Building certificate

Application for a building information certificate (formerly known as 149D Building Certificate) - IMPORTANT - Read the Information Sheet for Application for Building Information Certificate.pdf (pdf. 262KB) before lodging

Complying development

Complying Development Certificate Application

Pre CDC Consultation Application (online application) and Information_Sheet_for_Pre_CDC_Consultation_Service.pdf (pdf. 245KB)

Construction certificate

Construction Certificate Application

Development application

Extended DA notification

Development applications submitted between 10 December 2019 and 30 January 2020 (both days inclusive) that require notification to surrounding properties will have an extended notification period due to Christmas and New Year holidays. The extended notification period will close on 14 February 2020 but may be further extended for some applications lodged in this period to comply with Council’s notification policy. For more information call 9424 0000.

Development Application Form and checklist (pdf. 1MB)

Political Donations and Gifts Disclosure Statement

Bushfire Risk Assessment Certificate (pdf. 14KB)

Waste Management Plan (pdf. 114KB) 

Review of DA Determination - Section 82A

Review of DA Rejection - Section 82B (pdf. 1MB)

Extend DA Consent - Section 95A

Development application (Pre-DA Consultation)

Pre-DA consultation service

To ensure we continue to offer a quality service, no applications for Pre-DA consultations will be accepted between 1 December 2019 and 14 February 2020 due to staff and other resourcing issues over the holiday season.

This will enable us to focus on outstanding DAs and start the new year on the front foot.

Please note: Due to its popularity, the current processing time for a Pre-DA Consultation, from lodgment to meeting date, is approximately 4-8 weeks. This is to ensure we continue to offer quality of service and advice.

Learn more about applying for a pre-DA consultation

Development application (information packs)

Compliance Levy Brochure (pdf. 2MB)

DA guide (pdf. 12MB)

Development Assessment Process Fact Sheet (pdf. 167KB)

Ecological information pack (pdf. 224KB)

Engineering information pack (pdf. 5MB)

Thinking Outside 'The Box': Key Design Elements for Apartments in Ku-ring-gai

Draft MUSIC modelling guidelines (pdf. 412KB)

Minor works applications (heritage)

Minor Works Application (Conservation Area)

Minor Works Application (Heritage Item)

Minor Works Application Guidlines (pdf. 195KB)

Modify development consent (section 96)

Modify a Development Consent (pdf. 591KB)

Review of DA Modification Determination - Section 96 (pdf. 1MB)

Information about modifying a development consent


Plan of Subdivision Lodgement form (pdf. 190KB)

Occupation certificate

Occupation Certificate Application

A full list of council forms can be viewed on our find a form webpage.

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