Infrastructure Damage Security Bond

Ku-ring-gai Council adopted an Infrastructure Damage Security Bond and inspection fee for all Development Applications determined or Complying Development Certificate Applications lodged with Certifying Authorities (Council or Private) from 1 July 2016. The bond applies for:

  • Development Applications – where the cost of works is greater than $5,000
  • Complying Development Certificates – for all applications where the cost of works is greater than $25,000

Upon payment of an Infrastructure Damage Bond and the associated inspection fee, Council will undertake an inspection prior to the commencement of building works. Council will also undertake a final inspection upon completion of works.

Purpose of the Bond

The purpose of the infrastructure damage security bond is to ensure;

  1. That any damage to Council property as a result of construction activity is rectified in a timely manner. 

  2. All work or activity undertaken pursuant to this complying development certificate must be undertaken in a manner to avoid damage to Council property and must not jeopardise the safety of any person using or occupying the adjacent public areas. 

  3. The applicant, builder or any person acting in reliance on this certificate shall be responsible for making good any damage to Council property and for the removal from Council property of any waste bin, building materials, sediment, silt or any other material or article.

  4. The infrastructure damage security bond and infrastructure inspection fee must be paid to Council prior to commencement of any demolition, earthworks or construction.

  5. In consideration of payment of the infrastructure damage security bond and infrastructure inspection fee, Council will undertake such inspections of Council property as Council considers necessary as a consequence of the development. The provision of such restoration work by the Council does not absolve any person of the responsibilities. Restoration work undertaken by Council will be limited to work that can be undertaken at a cost not more than the Infrastructure damage security bond payable pursuant to this obligation

Release of the Bond

Upon receipt of the Final Occupation Certificate, Council will undertake a final inspection of Council’s infrastructure and release the bond if no damage is found.

For development relating to more than 2 dwellings, there will be a six months holding period  after the receipt of the final occupation certificate, after which you may request Council to return any bond monies. 

If there is damage found to council property the bond will not be released until the damage has been rectified to Council’s satisfaction. 

In this context;

  • ‘Council property’ includes any road, footway, footpath paving, kerbing, guttering, crossings , street furniture, seats, litter bins, trees, shrubs, lawns, mounds, bushland and similar structures or features on any road or public road within the meaning of the Local Government Act 1993 (NSW) or any public place; and

  • ‘Infrastructure damage security bond and inspection fee’ means the infrastructure damage security bond and infrastructure inspection fee as calculated in accordance with the Schedule of Fees and Charges adopted by Council at the date of payment.

Payment of the Bond

 Bond can be paid at Council offices by cash, card or cheque, or online. To make payment online, please contact customer service prior so that the correct charges can be raised.