Road openings

A road opening permit allows a person to dig into Council’s assets, such as roads and road shoulders, footpaths, kerb and gutter and nature strips and is required by Council prior to any opening.

How do I apply for a Road Opening Permit?

An application for a road opening permit can be made online, with the upfront payment of the non-refundable Permit application and restoration fee. This fee will be based on Council’s Fees and Charges as applicable for the asset type(s) disturbed by the road opening .

Any additional restoration charges which may be incurred by Council as a result of the costs to restore the road to the condition it was in prior to the works being undertaken, will be assessed by the Council’s Restorations Officer and payable by the applicant.

Upon receipt of payment, the road opening permit is typically issued within 3-7 days.


What are the costs and conditions of a road opening permit?

Who can undertake road opening works?

The contractor must have experience in the proposed activity and hold a current public liability insurance policy from a reputable insurer to the value of not less than $20,000,000 for work on public roads. The Contractor shall produce a copy of a certificate of currency upon request by Council.


This webpage provides a summary of the major issues concerning the design and construction of driveways, footpath/gutter crossings and footpaving. Any person using this document must do so on the basis that not every scenario and issue can be addressed, and discussion with relevant staff at Council should be undertaken. This page is subject to change without notice.