Greater Sydney Commission

The Greater Sydney Commission is responsible for metropolitan planning in Sydney.

Established by an Act of Parliament, the Commission's functions include the development and implementation of district plans, determining regionally significant development applications and act as the consent authority on rezoning proposals formerly determined by the Minister. The Commission is an independent organisation funded by the NSW Government.

The Greater Sydney Commission leadership comprises:

  • Four Greater Sydney Commissioners
    • Chief Commissioner: Lucy Hughes Turnbull
    • Deputy Chief Commissioner and Economic Commissioner: Geoff Roberts
    • Environment Commissioner: Roderick Simpson
    • Social Commissioner: Heather Nesbitt
  • Five District Commissioners
    • Interim District Commissioner –  Western City: Geoff Roberts
    • District Commissioner –  Central City: currently vacant
    • District Commissioner –  Eastern City: Maria Atkinson
    • District Commissioner –  North: Dr Deborah Dearing
    • District Commissioner –  South: Morris Iemma
  • Ex-officio Members
    • Secretary, NSW Treasury: Michael Pratt
    • Secretary, NSW Department of Planning and Environment: Carolyn McNally
    • Secretary, Transport for NSW: Rodd Staples
  • Chief Executive Officer
    • Sarah Hill

District Plans

The Greater Sydney Commission has 5 District Plans that are a guide for implementing A Metropolis of Three Cities - the Greater Sydney Region Plan at a District level.

These 20-year plans are a bridge between regional and local planning. They inform local environmental plans, community strategic plans and the assessment of planning proposals. The District Plans also help councils to plan and deliver for growth and change, and to align their local planning strategies to place-based outcomes.

Ku-ring-gai is in the North District, together with the following Councils: Ryde, Hornsby, Northern Beaches, North Sydney, Lane Cove, Willoughby, Mosman and Hunters Hill.

In March 2018 the Greater Sydney Commission released the finalised North District Plan.

This Plan provides a 20 year plan to manage growth and achieve the 40 year vision, while enhancing Greater Sydney’s liveability, productivity and sustainability into the future. It is a guide to implementing the Greater Sydney Region Plan at district level and is a bridge between regional and local planning.

This Plan was finalised in March 2018.

View the North District Plan

Land Use Planning for the Future

Ku-ring-gai Council is preparing new plans and strategies to guide future planning across the Ku-ring-gai Local Government Area. Following the release of the Greater Sydney Commission’s Greater Sydney Regional Plan - A Metropolis of Three Cities and the North District Plan, Council will review its Local Environmental Plan (LEP) to ensure that it aligns with the priorities and actions outlined in the plans.

View more information about this process