Ku-ring-gai Development Control Plan

The Ku-ring-gai Development Control Plan (DCP) provides detailed guidelines to guide the design and assessment of development applications for land covered by the Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2015 (majority of Ku-ring-gai).

The Ku-ring-gai Development Control Plan has been amended and came into effect on 24 June 2016.

View our planning controls webpage for information about what a DCP is and how it applies to your development application (DA). 

The DCP compliments Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2015.

Planning controls

DA assessment - explanation guide (pdf. 694KB)

Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2015

View the DCP

KLEP2015 map image.JPG

Cover, contents and introduction

Ku-ring-gai DCP Cover & Contents Page (pdf. 804KB)

Part 1 - Introduction (pdf. 1MB)

Section A

Cover and Contents Page (pdf. 613KB)

Part 2 - Site Analysis (pdf. 5MB)

Part 3 - Land Consolidation and Subdivision (pdf. 828KB)

Part 3R.1 - Minimum Lot Depth Maps for Bushfire Prone Land (pdf. 4MB)

Part 4 - Dwelling Houses (pdf. 3MB)

Part 5 - Secondary Dwellings (pdf. 947KB)

Part 6 - Multi Dwelling Housing (pdf. 4MB)

Part 7 - Residential Flat Building (pdf. 7MB)

Part 8 - Mixed Use Development (pdf. 9MB)

Part 9 - Non Residential and Office Buildings (pdf. 2MB)

Part 10 - Child Care Centre (pdf. 1004KB)

Part 11 - Sex Industry Premises (pdf. 230KB)

Part 12 - Signage and Advertising (pdf. 414KB)

Part 13 - Tree and Vegetation Preservation (pdf. 210KB)

Section B

Cover and Contents Page (pdf. 559KB)

Part 14 - Urban Precincts and Sites (pdf. 8MB)

Part 15 - Land Contamination (pdf. 134KB)

Part 16 - Bushfire Risk (pdf. 1MB)

Part 17 - Riparian Lands (pdf. 2MB)

Part 18 - Biodiversity Controls (pdf. 399KB)

Part 18R.1 - Greenweb Maps (pdf. 12MB)

Part 19 - Heritage and Conservation Areas (pdf. 2MB)

Part 20 - Development near Rail Corridors and Busy Roads (pdf. 175KB)

Section C

Cover and Contents Page (pdf. 575KB)

Part 21 - General Site Design (pdf. 524KB)

Part 22 - General Access and Parking (pdf. 431KB)

Part 23 - General Building Design and Sustainability (pdf. 1MB)

Part 24 - Water Management (pdf. 2MB)

Part 25 - Notification (pdf. 792KB)  

Explanatory documents (non-statutory documents)

View explanatory documents - FAQs, User Guide, heritage information, brochures, posters etc.