Supporting documents

Heritage Conservation Areas Study - Northern Area

By Paul Davies Pty Ltd

Cover, Contents, Executive Summary and 1.0 Introduction (pdf. 120KB)

2.0 Development History of Ku-ring-gai (pdf. 50KB)

3.0 Analysis of Potential Heritage Conservation Areas, as follows:

3.1 General Observations (pdf. 171KB)

3.2 Pentecost Avenue St Ives (pdf. 2MB)

3.3 Pymble (pdf. 4MB)

3.4 Avon Road Pymble (pdf. 3MB)

3.5 Bobbin Head Road Pymble (pdf. 2MB)

3.6 Ku-ring-gai Avenue Turramurra (pdf. 868KB)

3.7 Kissing Point Road Turramurra (pdf. 1MB)

3.8 Challis Avenue Turramurra (pdf. 558KB)

3.9 Warrawee (pdf. 1MB)

3.10 Brentwood Avenue Turramurra (pdf. 345KB)

3.11 Heydon Avenue Warrawee (pdf. 1MB)

3.12 Mahratta Avenue Wahroonga (pdf. 4MB)

3.13 Wahroonga (pdf. 2MB)

4.0 Conclusion (pdf. 18KB)

Historical subdivision plans - pages 1-24 (pdf. 4MB)

Historical subdivision plans - pages 25-35 (pdf. 4MB)

Historical subdivision plans - pages 36-47 (pdf. 3MB)

Historical subdivision plans - pages 48-59 (pdf. 3MB)

Historical subdivision plans - pages 60-67 (pdf. 3MB)

Historical subdivision plans - pages 68-74 (pdf. 4MB)

Draft report intentory sheets (pdf. 2MB)

Base maps for HCA (pdf. 1MB)

Building contribution maps (pdf. 4MB)

Boundary maps (pdf. 853KB)

Draft recommended boundaries (pdf. 652KB)

Heritage Conservation Areas Study - Southern Area

By Architectural Projects

Cover and Table of Contents (pdf. 931KB)

Chapters 1-12 (pdf. 2MB)

Chapters 13-15 (pdf. 4MB)

Chapters 16-18 (pdf. 4MB)

Chapters 19-21 (pdf. 4MB)

Chapters 22-24 (pdf. 3MB)

Chapters 25-26 (pdf. 3MB)

Historical subdivision plans - East Roseville and Roseville (pdf. 3MB)

Historical subdivision plans - Roseville Railway (pdf. 3MB)

Historical subdivision plans - West Roseville (pdf. 2MB)

Historical subdivision plans - East Lindfield (pdf. 1MB)

Historical subdivision plans - Lindfield (pdf. 3MB)

Historical subdivision plans - West Lindfield (pdf. 2MB)

Historical subdivision plans - Provincial Road Lindfield (pdf. 561KB)

Historical subdivision plans - Killara - Part 1 (pdf. 3MB)

Historical subdivision plans - Killara - Part 2 (pdf. 2MB)

Historical subdivision plans - Culworth Avenue Killara (pdf. 988KB)

Historical subdivision plans - Killara Golf Links (pdf. 3MB)

Historical subdivision plans - Greengate Road Gordon (pdf. 529KB)

Draft report intentory sheets (pdf. 3MB)

Base maps for HCA (pdf. 2MB)

Southern HCA Review Building Contribution Maps (pdf. 2MB)

Draft recommended boundaries (pdf. 2MB)

Effect on land values

Heritage listing effect on land values (pdf. 61KB)

Heritage Conservation Area Inventory sheets

C1 Wahroonga (pdf. 63KB)

C2 Heydon Avenue Wahroonga (pdf. 62KB)

C3 Warrawee (pdf. 67KB)

C4 Mahratta (pdf. 60KB)

C6A Ku-ring-gai Avenue (pdf. 66KB)

C8A Pymble Heights (pdf. 56KB)

C9 Fern Walk (pdf. 57KB)

C10A Orinoco Street (pdf. 57KB)

C11 Pymble Avenue (pdf. 61KB)

C12 Gordondale (pdf. 54KB)

C13 Roberts Grant (pdf. 53KB)

C14 Love Estate Thorne Grant (pdf. 53KB)

C15 Gordon Park et al (pdf. 54KB)

C16A St Johns Avenue (pdf. 57KB)

C19 Smith Grant (pdf. 54KB)

C20 Greengate Estate (pdf. 55KB)

C21 Springdale Grant (pdf. 56KB)

C22 Crown Blocks (pdf. 64KB)

C23 Lynwood Avenue (pdf. 54KB)

C24 Marian Street (pdf. 56KB)

C25A Stanhope Road (pdf. 57KB)

C26 Oliver Grant (pdf. 54KB)

C30 Frances Street (pdf. 53KB)

C30A Lindfield West (pdf. 53KB)

C32 Clanville (pdf. 55KB)

C33 Earl of Canarvon (pdf. 54KB)

C34 Archbold Farms (pdf. 55KB)

C37 Garden of Roseville (pdf. 57KB)

C38 Shirley Road (pdf. 57KB)

Council resolution re Crown Blocks HCA (pdf. 25KB)

Perumal Murphy Alessi, Crown Blocks HCA Review 2013 (pdf. 4MB)

Biodiversity and riparian lands study

The supporting document for KLEP 2015 is Ku-ring-gai Biodiversity and Riparian Lands Study (pdf. 9MB).

The supporting document for Ku-ring-gai Development Control Plan & Ku-ring-gai Development Control Plan (Local Centres) is Ku-ring-gai Biodiversity and Riparian Lands Study - Version 5 (pdf. 5MB).

Stormwater Quality Control

Ku-ring-gai Council Water Management Guidelines as referred to in Part 24 of the Ku-ring-gai Development Control Plans

Technical Guidelines for Water Management - MUSIC Modelling Guidelines (pdf. 606KB)

Technical Guidelines for Water Management - Specifications for Water Management Devices (pdf. 52KB)

Bushfire study 

Managing Bushfire Risk, Now and Into the Future (pdf. 3MB)
Further information can be found on Council's Bushfire prone areas page.

Ku-ring-gai Integrated Transport Strategy 

By Arup Pty Ltd

Ku-ring-gai Integrated Transport Strategy (pdf. 523KB)

Appendix A pages 1-11 (pdf. 5MB);   Appendix A pages 12-20 (pdf. 2MB)