Bushland plans and policies


There are 119 bushland reserves in the Ku-ring-gai local government area. Our plans and policies are set by Council, the NSW Government and the Federal Government to guide the management and protection of threatened bushland in Ku-ring-gai. These are listed below and contain important information for people wishing to develop within Ku-ring-gai.

Evaluation of reserves

The Bushland Reserves Plan of Management guides the management of our reserves. This is informed by the bushland prioritisation matrix which guides our selection and evaluation of target bushland management sites and promotes transparency in the decision-making process. Helping our community to understand the status of local natural areas and the environmental challenges they face. The plan includes the creation and maintenance of tracks, trails and other built assets (such as signs) and bushfire hazard reduction works. 

Prioritisation of sites

Learn more about how bushland areas are prioritised in your local area and the issues we are addressing to maintain the beauty of our reserves.

Bushland dumping and encroachments

The Ku-ring-gai local government area contains approximately 92 kilometres of interface between bushland and private properties. In many locations, illegal dumping, unauthorised extensions or 'encroachments' from private properties on to Council-managed bushland reserves have had a significant impact on the natural environment, public access and Council's field operations. 

Learn more about living on the bush interface and encroachments.

Bushland Dumping and Encroachment Policy

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