Sustainability plan

LLK-logo4.jpgPreserving our unique environment for our community and for future generations is a priority for us, as it is for many Ku-ring-gai residents and organisations. 

Our definition of sustainability is:

'The ability to maintain a good quality of life for future generations, which relies upon a fair, just and dynamic community, healthy and diverse environment, and an active and stable economy.'

We are currently developing a sustainability plan for Ku-ring-gai. It will incorporate our legislative reporting requirements, as well as a global reporting framework known as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The plan will include a 25-year vision for Ku-ring-gai, five-year objectives and annual key performance indicators, so we can measure how well we are performing against our aims.

Each aspect of the Plan will consider the possible consequences of actions as measured against our quadruple bottom line: economic, social, environmental and governance. 

Sustainability Vision Report

After close consultation with our community and with sustainability and environmental experts, we published the Sustainability Vision Report 2008-2033 for Ku-ring-gai. The report captures the concerns and priorities of the community, as well as the values and principles which will guide our actions and policies for sustainability.

Our aim is to align this long-term vision with Ku-ring-gai's management plan so we can strategically address sustainability issues within our community.

Read the Sustainability Vision Report Summary (pdf. 4MB) or download full report:

Executive Summary (pdf. 3MB)

Introduction (pdf. 564KB)

Ku-ring-gai Snapshot (pdf. 972KB)

Capturing Voices (pdf. 727KB)

What residents said (pdf. 4MB)

Ku-ring-gai's visions values and principles (pdf. 1MB)

Conclusion and future research (pdf. 724KB)

Bibliography (pdf. 604KB)

Appendices (pdf. 940KB)

Community Strategic Plan 2030

In 2008 residents of all ages came together to share their ideas about how to make Ku-ring-gai a leading sustainable community.

More than 700 suggestions were made and now form the Community Strategic Plan 2030.

The foundation of the plan is for Ku-ring-gai to become a more sustainable place and it outlines the long-term directions for Ku-ring-gai.

Read more about the Community Strategic Plan.