Every month we feature a weed local to Ku-ring-gai and how you can identify and remove it in your area. Click the button below to view these.


Is that a weed?

Having trouble identifying the weeds in your garden? These resources will give you the tools you need.

Sydney Weeds Committee

Australian Government - Weed identification Tool

Department of Primary Industries Weed Wise - botanical name search

Noxious weeds

Some types of weed are classified as ‘noxious’ by the Department of Primary Industries as they pose a serious problem to human health, the environment, livestock and agriculture. These include native and exotic species:

  • Golden Wreath Wattle
  • Madeira Vine

Disposing of weeds

You can place your weeds and garden organic waste in the Council Green Bin along with small branches and hedge trimmings. This green waste is sorted and treated through a composting digester to eradicate weed seeds and other contaminants.

Weeds on private property

Property owners are required to remove noxious weeds from their land in accordance with the Noxious Weeds Act. You can check whether a weed is noxious by searching the Noxious Weed Declarations.

There are a variety of weed control and removal methods, including hand-pulling, herbicides and ‘cut-and-paint’. Browse our weed removal factsheets to get started.

Weeds on public property

We control weeds in public areas such as parks and reserves, as well as in business or shopping areas where weeds affect footpaths and car parks. Our priority is noxious weeds, especially in natural areas where biodiversity is threatened. Our Bushcare volunteers also work hard to remove noxious weeds in bushland. We strive to prevent weeds by maintaining healthy environmental conditions in natural areas, preventing noxious weeds from being planted and ensuring greenwaste is disposed of properly.

Weed management and pesticide use policy

Weed Management Policy (pdf. 997KB) 

Pesticide Use Notification Plan for Outdoor Public Places (pdf. 156KB)

Garden advice visit

Book a visit from our resident green thumb. Greenstyle garden visits are intended to encourage sustainable gardening practices and  the use of local native plants. Weeds are identified with recommended control/removal techniques and advice can also be provided on:

  • How to attract and support native wildlife.
  • Productive / edible gardens.
  • Drought-tolerant gardening.

Book a garden advice visit here

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