Reduce your emissions

If you have a wood heater or fireplace, you can minimise local pollution and prevent health problems by adopting the following measures:

  • Make sure you use only dry, untreated, seasoned hardwood.
  • Store wood undercover in a  dry ventilated area.
  • Use small logs and place them in your heater in a way that ensures air can circulate freely.
  • Burn the fire brightly, run the heater on a high burn rate.
  • Ensure the air control is fully open for 5 minutes before and 15-20 minutes after adding logs.
  • Don't let fires smolder overnight.

The check your chimney brochure (pdf. 1MB) contains other good wood heating practices and a guide to assessing smoke discharge from your chimney.

Talking to your neighbour

Before taking formal steps to complain about woodsmoke you should attempt to contact your neighbour to discuss the concern. Be tactful when bringing the complaint to their notice as they might not realise there is a problem. You may wish to consider carefully what impact contacting authorities about woodsmoke will have on your future relationship with your neighbour and the potential benefits of speaking with your neighbour directly where possible. Visit Community Justice Centre website for more information on how to better handle disputes.

Report woodsmoke

If you are unable to resolve a problem directly with your neighbour, contact us