Food businesses

Our Environmental Health Officers regularly inspect food businesses for compliance with the Food Act 2003 and Food Safety Standards to protect consumers and ensure high standards are maintained.

Food Act 2003

Food Safety Standards

Open a new food business

You may need commercial planning approval before you start work on your new business. The manufacture of food at home for commercial sale is not exempt development and you will need to seek planning approval for this activity. It's a good idea to have a chat with our planning and development staff about the approval process for a new business or alterations to an existing food premises. Contact us to make an appointment. Read the design and fit-out guide for food businesses (pdf. 1MB).

You may notify your business to Council online via the food business notification form.

Please note: if you are notifying of a mobile food van or stall for an event please use the notification form under the heading Mobile food vans and stalls below.
Retail food businesses must have a certified Food Safety Supervisor working in their business. Food Safety Supervisors must be trained in specific units of competency and it must be done by a registered Training Organisation approved by the NSW Food Authority.

The training can be done face-to-face, online, in the workplace, by correspondence or a combination of these. A list of approved training providers can be found on the NSW Food Authority website.

NSW Food Authority - Food Safety Supervisors

Mobile food vans and stalls

Notification of a temporary food stall/van for an event

If you intend to operate a temporary food stall/van at an event within the Ku-ring-gai Local Government area or need to update details relating to an existing temporary food stall, please complete and submit the temporary food stall/van notification form.

Operating a mobile food business

If you house your mobile food van in Ku-ring-gai or would like to operate a mobile food van in Ku-ring-gai, please complete the application for sale of goods from stall or vehicle (pdf. 1MB) and email to Council's Customer Service Team will contact you for payment of application fees if applicable. Application fees are charged in accordance with Council's adopted fees and charges.

If you are approved to operate your mobile food business in Ku-ring-gai please notify us of your details using the mobile food business notification form.

Outdoor Dining Permit

Apply to place furniture on the footway for outdoor dining.

Outdoor Dining online application Important: Please read the Information Sheet for Application for Outdoor Dining Permit (pdf. 267KB) before lodging

Report a food business

Contact NSW Food Authority if you would like to report a food business in Ku-ring-gai and:

  • you think food from a business has made you or someone you know sick
  • you find foreign material in food

The original food packaging, uneaten portions or receipts may also help their investigation.

NSW Food Authority guidelines

Download Mobile Food Vending Guidelines

Download Guidelines for Food Businesses at Temporary Events