Community Land Plans of Management

Plans of Management (POM) for our community facilities ensure we effectively manage and maintain our parks, sportsgrounds, halls and golf courses.

Generic Plans of Management

Generic POMs apply to a number of similar areas of community land, such as car parks and sportsgrounds. Download our generic POMs:

Bushland reserves

Bushland Reserves Plan of Management

Car parks

Car Parks Plan of Management (pdf. 265KB)

Children's services

Children's services (pdf. 201KB)

Community halls and meeting rooms

Community Halls and Meeting Rooms Plan of Management (pdf. 1MB)

Miscellaneous land

Miscellaneous land (pdf. 841KB)  


Parks - Part 1 (pdf. 684KB)
Parks - Part 2 (pdf. 2MB)
Parks - Part 3 (pdf. 2MB)
Parks - Part 4 (pdf. 3MB)
Parks - Part 5 (pdf. 2MB)
Parks - Part 6 (pdf. 2MB)
Parks - Part 7 (pdf. 2MB)
Parks - Part 8 (pdf. 2MB)
Parks - Part 9 (pdf. 351KB)

Sports facilities

Sports Facilities Plan of Management (pdf. 3MB)

Specific Plans of Management

Specific POMs are prepared for individual sites such as Bicentennial Park and Marian Street Theatre. Download our specific POMs:

Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park (pdf. 2MB)

Canoon Road Recreation Area

Canoon Road Recreation Area Plan of Management (pdf. 10MB)

Resolution from the Ordinary Meeting of Council on 24 July 2018:

That Council adopts the Canoon Road Recreation Area Plan of Management with an amended Action Plan 39 as follows:

Operating under lights:

  • For training on Mondays Tuesdays and Wednesdays on up to 9 courts (courts 1 – 4, 20, 22 – 25) between 4.30pm – 8.00pm for the winter season.
  • For competition games or training on Thursday on up to 9 courts (courts 1 – 4, 20, 22 – 25) between 4.30pm – 8.00pm for the winter season.
    (This is a key action and high priority in the PoM to reduce usage on Saturdays - the Under 9 age group will be moved from Saturdays to Thursdays.)

No fixtures or training under lights on Fridays.

Council Chambers

Council Chambers (pdf. 215KB)  

Echo Point Park

Echo Point Park- Part 1 (pdf. 1MB)

Echo Point Park- Part 2 (pdf. 534KB)

Echo Point Park- Part 3 (pdf. 113KB)

Firs Estate Cottage

The Firs EstateCottage.pdf (pdf. 433KB)

Gordon Golf Course

Gordon Golf Course - Part 1 (pdf. 3MB)

Gordon Golf Course - Part 2 (pdf. 284KB) 

Ku-ring-gai Art Centre

Ku-ring-gai Art Centre (pdf. 576KB)

Ku-ring-gai Community Groups Centre and Car Park, St Ives

St Ives Community Groups Centres and Car Park (pdf. 3MB)

Ku-ring-gai Library

Ku-ring-gai Library (pdf. 1MB)

Lindfield Library

Lindfield Library site.pdf (pdf. 3MB)

Marian Street Theatre

 Marian Street Theatre (pdf. 264KB)

North Turramurra Recreation Area

North Turramurra Recreation Area (pdf. 3MB)

Performing Arts Resource Centre

Performing Arts Resource Centre (pdf. 79KB)

St Ives Showground and Precinct Lands Plan of Management 

St Ives Showground and Precinct Lands Plan of Management (pdf. 16MB)

St Ives Village Green

St Ives Village Green (pdf. 2MB)

Swain Gardens

Swain Gardens - Part 1 (pdf. 1MB)

Swain Gardens - Part 2 (pdf. 1MB)

Swain Gardens - Part 3 (pdf. 1MB)

Swain Gardens - Part 4 (pdf. 239KB)