Building and development


Information on preparing and tracking Development Applications, buying and selling property, town planning, heritage and more.

Architecture plans

DA Tracking

Free service that offers fast and convenient access to information on development applications and their status.
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Planning documents

Our planning controls aim to preserve and enhance Ku-ring-gai's high quality built environment and landscape setting.
Artist impression of a town centre in Ku-ring-gai

Town Planning documents

Town planning shapes our towns, suburbs and region by managing development, infrastructure and services.
Ku-ring-gai residential streetscape


Check your property's zoning to see what type of development is permitted on the property.

Building or renovating

Whether you're renovating a house, altering a shop or building a deck, you'll find all you need to know to get your building work approved.
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Forms and information packs

This section contains some of the forms and information packs you may need for your development.
Tulkiyan House in Gordon


Search for heritage items and other information about heritage.
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Buying and selling property

How to research history of works on a property, certificates you may need when buying or selling and information about drainage easements and sewer mains.

Planning Proposals

To make changes to a Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

Planning Proposal Tracker

The Planning Proposal Tracker provides a summary of all current and historical Planning Proposals considered by Council.
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Development Contributions

Development contributions are payments or in-kind works provided by developers for facilities and services.
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Bushfire prone land

Find out which properties are classified as bushfire prone.
combustible wall cladding

Combustible wall cladding

Council is implementing a program to identify those buildings in the local area containing wall cladding materials that are not compliant.

Dividing fences

Do you want to build a fence that divides properties? Find out all you need to know here.

Driveways and footpath/gutter crossings

Learn about and apply for the construction of a driveway access.
Open Space Acquisition Strategy

Open Space Acquisition Program

Find out how and why we identify and acquire open space in Ku-ring-gai.

Safety of awnings

Council is implementing a program to raise awareness of the need to monitor the safety of awnings over public land.

State government plans and strategies

Information about state government plans for the NSW planning system and strategies to accommodate future needs.
tourist and visitor accommodation

Tourist and visitor accommodation

Find where and what type of accommodation is permitted.

Infrastructure Damage Security Bond

Applies for all DA's determined or CDC Applications lodged with Certifying Authorities from 1 July 2016.

Road openings

Learn about and apply for a Road Opening Permit.
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Private use of the road reserve / nature strip

Information and instructions on how to apply to complete works on nature strips.