Building or renovating


Whether you're renovating a house, altering a shop or building a deck, you'll find all you need to know to get your building work approved.

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Are you building or renovating your house or apartment? Adding a carport, fence, pool or a granny flat?
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Browse this section for information on improving your shop, erecting a sign or changing the use of a premises.

Development application

If your development is not classified as exempt or complying development, it is likely that a development application is required to be submitted to Council.

Why choose Council as your PCA?

There are good reasons to nominate us as your PCA to inspect your building work or issue a certificate.
Ku-ring-gai Council's Duty Planner speaking to a resident

Duty Planner service

Book a 15 minute appointment with our duty planner who can guide you through the development process and assist with general planning enquiries.
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Disclosure of political gifts and donations

Found out if you need to disclose donations when submitting an application or view received disclosures.