Search development approvals

You can search our records for old development consents. These are useful if you want to know what conditions apply to use of a premises, such as the approved trading hours for a restaurant, or whether the current use of a premises is lawful. There may also be special conditions relating to car parking, landscaping or waste management you need to comply with when seeking approval through the complying development process.

There are two options for researching the history of development consents:

Search Development Application (DA) files online

Use DA Tracking to check if a DA has been approved on the property since 2008. Only approved plans and Notices of Determination are available for DAs submitted before 1 December 2010.

Search DA or Complying Development Certificate (CDC) files in person

You can apply for access to older DAs, complying development certificates and property files by lodging a Request for Informal Access to Council Information (pdf. 556KB). Generally, our paper records go back to the late 1980s but we can often give advice on how to access even earlier records that may still exist on microfilm. It can take up to two weeks to retrieve old files from an off-site storage facility. Please note that we cannot photocopy plans, drawings and the like without the written consent of the author of the items.