Successful projects funded by Development Contributions


The delivery of infrastructure wholly or partly funded by development contribution is well underway.  

Completed projects

Cameron Park Extension, Turramurra


The expanded Cameron Park, Turramurra now 5000m2 in area opened in March 2017.

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Lapwing Reserve, St Ives (formerly Carcoola Reserve)


Acquisition of two houses in 2013 added a further 1870m2 to the existing 935m2 park on Carcoola Road.  On 31 March 2015, Council resolved to ask the Geographical Names Board to approve a new name: Lapwing Reserve.  Lapwing Reserve was completed in late 2016 and formally opened on 17 January 2017. 

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Beans Farm Road between Dumaresq Street and McIntyre Street, Gordon


Two properties were acquired for the development of a road link (approximately 144m long) to provide additional pedestrian, bicycle and vehicle permeability in the area. Beans Farm Road was completed in 2015 and is now open to traffic.

Greengate Park, Killara


This park is located on Bruce Avenue and Greengate Lane and was opened in 2013. It is approximately 2600m2 and Council acquired three properties for its development.  The success of this new park in supporting the new community living in the surrounding units was the subject of an article by the North Shore Times on Friday 8 May 2015.

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Blair Wark VC Community Centre and Charles Bean Sportsfield (synthetic turf field), Lindfield

Eton-rd-P.jpg Defence Housing Australia constructed the Community Sports Centre and partnered with Council with the construction of the synthetic sports field. This was done under a Voluntary Planning Agreement. Both were opened on December 17 2013.

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Curtilage Park, Warrawee


This park is located 1540 Pacific Highway and was opened in 2014. It is 2000m2 and Council received this land through dedication to Council under the 2004-2009 Contributions Plans.

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Balcombe Park, Wahroonga


This park is located on Woonona Avenue and was officially opened on 27 November 2012. It is 900m2 and Council acquired one property for its development.

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North Turramurra Recreation Area


Section 94 Contributions played a small but important part in funding the North Turramurra Recreation Area (NTRA) development.

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Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre


Section 94 Contributions played a small but important part in funding the Ku-ring-gai Fitness and Aquatic Centre development.

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Under construction

Dumaresq Street to Moree Street, Road Link, Gordon


Acquisition of properties is now complete and staged delivery in association with the adjoining developments will soon deliver a new road link between Dumaresq Street and Moree Street.  This is similar to Beans Farm Road which is now open nearly opposite this site.  One development has a current VPA and the other development is currently in discussions with Council.  Any draft document will be formally exhibited for public comment as required by the legislation.

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Allan Avenue Park, Turramurra


This is a proposed park on the corner of Duff Street and Allan Avenue. It will be approximately 2700m2.  Detailed planning following community consultation is currently underway.

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Lindfield Village Green


Located at 8-10 Tyron Road, the Village Green will replace the car park with public open space, some aboveground and underground car parking will be provided underground.

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Lindfield Community Hub


This masterplan seeks to deliver a new multi-purpose community building, library, park, town square and improved car and cycling infrastructure. Six properties on Bent Street have been acquired to deliver public open space and permit a realignment of Drovers Way and link through to Bent Street to be added to the existing property in Woodford Lane.

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Turramurra Community Hub


This masterplan seeks to deliver infrastructure including a new branch library, a multi-purpose facility, open space and activation of the commercial centre.

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Gordon Cultural and Civic Hub


Council is exploring the opportunity to develop a Cultural and Civic hub as part of the redevelopment of 818 Pacific Highway. Three sites have been acquired by Council to develop Dumaresq St Park as part of this Hub.  This project is currently in abeyance as a result of on-going uncertainty over the future of local government in this area.

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Dumaresq Street Park, Gordon


Council has acquired three properties adjoining Council Chambers on Dumaresq St. The proposed park will have an area of 3500m2 and is intended to be delivered part of a Cultural and Civic Hub for Gordon as an integrated project.  This project is currently delayed as a result of on-going uncertainty over the future of local government in this area.

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