Development controls and approvals

A Development Application (DA) proposing new development on land identified as a heritage item will need to comply with the heritage development controls of the relevant LEP:

General guidelines

NSW Heritage Office, Design in Context : Guidelines for Infill Development in the Historic Environment, 2005 (pdf. 2MB)

The Burra Charter 1999 (pdf. 574KB)

Pre-DA consultation service

You can submit concept design details of your proposal and our heritage assessment staff will identify any aspects that are non-compliant. We provide verbal and written feedback including, where appropriate, suggestions for enhancing the proposal so it is sympathetic to the heritage significance of the heritage item.

About the Pre-DA consultation (pdf. 1MB)

Apply for a Pre-DA consultation

Minor works or maintenance to a heritage item

Minor Works Application (Heritage Item)

Minor Works Application (Conservation Area)

Minor Works Application Guidelines (pdf. 195KB)  

State Heritage Inventory

Maintained by the Heritage Division, the State Heritage Inventory (SHI) contains detailed information about heritage items and heritage conservation areas on statutory lists in NSW. Note: although the Heritage Division seeks to keep the SHI up to date the most recent information may not yet be included - contact us to check.

State Heritage Inventory

Heritage Council of NSW, Heritage listing explained : What it means for you, 2011 (pdf. 2MB)

Heritage Consultants Directory

The NSW Office of Environment & Heritage provides a directory to search for heritage professionals offering a range of consultancy services. A heritage professional can offer advice on the opportunities and constraints of redeveloping a heritage item.

Heritage Consultants Directory

Heritage Studies commissioned by Council

Heritage studies commissioned by Council

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