Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan (Local Centres) 2012


Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan (Local Centres) 2012 applies to land surrounding Turramurra, Pymble, Gordon, Lindfield, Roseville railway stations and St Ives Village Green.

The LEP was prepared in accordance with the NSW Government’s Standard Instrument LEP.

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Ku-ring-gai Local Centres Development Control Plan compliments this LEP.

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Section 149 Planning Certificate (pdf. 334KB)

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Development Control Plans

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Roseville Lindfield 

Land zoning (pdf. 294KB)

Lot size (pdf. 290KB)

Height of buildings (pdf. 269KB)

Floor space ratio (pdf. 298KB)

Land reservation acquisition (pdf. 259KB)

Heritage (pdf. 258KB)

Natural resources - biodiversity (pdf. 272KB)

Riparian lands (pdf. 249KB)


Land zoning (pdf. 345KB)

Lot size (pdf. 333KB)

Height of buildings (pdf. 316KB)

Floor space ratio (pdf. 349KB)

Land reservation acquisition (pdf. 296KB)

Heritage (pdf. 305KB)

Natural resources - biodiversity (pdf. 320KB)

Riparian lands (pdf. 292KB)

Gordon Pymble

Land zoning (pdf. 331KB)

Lot size (pdf. 308KB)

Height of buildings (pdf. 299KB)

Floor space ratio (pdf. 332KB)

Land reservation acquisition (pdf. 278KB)

Heritage (pdf. 285KB)

Natural resources - biodiversity (pdf. 303KB)

Riparian lands (pdf. 275KB)


Land zoning (pdf. 329KB)

Lot size (pdf. 307KB)

Height of buildings (pdf. 292KB)

Floor space ratio (pdf. 322KB)

Land reservation acquisition (pdf. 276KB)

Heritage (pdf. 282KB)

Natural resources - biodiversity (pdf. 335KB)

Riparian lands (pdf. 277KB)


Turramurra St Ives 

Land zoning (pdf. 334KB)

Lot size (pdf. 315KB)

Height of buildings (pdf. 314KB)

Floor space ratio (pdf. 339KB)

Land reservation acquisition (pdf. 303KB)

Heritage (pdf. 297KB)

Natural resources - biodiversity (pdf. 342KB)

Riparian lands (pdf. 291KB)


Land zoning (pdf. 303KB)

Lot size (pdf. 288KB)

Height of buildings (pdf. 275KB)

Floor space ratio (pdf. 305KB)

Land reservation acquisition (pdf. 252KB)

Heritage (pdf. 250KB)

Natural resources - biodiversity (pdf. 295KB)

Riparian lands (pdf. 252KB)


Ku-ring-gai Local Centres Development Control Plan

The Ku-ring-gai Local Centres Development Control Plan provides the detailed design guidelines to support the Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan (Local Centres) 2012.

Ku-ring-gai Local Centres Development Control Plan

Heritage Conservation Area Study - Local Centres

By Paul Davies Pty Ltd

Cover page (pdf. 139KB)

Womerah Street (pdf. 538KB)

King Street, Eastern Road, Werona Avenue (pdf. 962KB)

Robert Street, Khartoum Avenue, St Johns Avenue (pdf. 830KB)

Pacific Highway, Yarabah Avenue, Grandview Street, Robert Pymble Park (pdf. 860KB)

Orinoco Street, Balfour Street, Blenheim Road (pdf. 580KB)

Trafalgar Avenue, Wolseley Road (pdf. 421KB)

The Grove, Lord Street, Bancroft Avenue (pdf. 445KB)

Further information

Letter from Planning Minister - notification of LEP approval