Ku-ring-gai Planning Scheme Ordinance

KPSO1.png The Ku-ring-gai Planning Scheme Ordinance ('Ordinance' or 'KPSO') is a non-standard environmental planning instrument (EPI) that applies only to land within the following Deferred Areas:

The KPSO came into effect in 1971.  Being an EPI, the Ordinance acts in a similar way to a Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

View our planning controls webpage for information about what a LEP is and how it may apply to your property and development proposal.

If lodging a Development Application (DA), your DA will be assessed against the development standards of the Ordinance with Draft Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2013 still a matter for consideration under Section 79C of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Your DA will need to comply with the planning controls in one or several Development Control Plans (DCP) that compliment the Ordinance depending on the type of development proposed.

About the Deferred Areas

Planning controls

Draft Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2013

Development Control Plans

Development Control Plans for the Ordinance

View the Ordinance written instrument

Ordinance - written instrument (pdf. 2MB)

View the Ordinance maps

Due to its age, the number of maps associated with the Ordinance are limited.

Land zoning map

Ordinance land zoning map - search our online mapping tool.

Historical Ku-ring-gai Planning Scheme Map - Amended to 30 March 2012 (pdf. 5MB)

Historical Ku-ring-gai Planning Scheme Map – Amended to 25 January 2013 (pdf. 5MB)

How to identify Zoning

Heritage conservation areas, biodiversity significance and riparian land maps

Refer to Part 7 of the Ordinance written document for planning provisions relating to biodiversity, heritage conservation areas and riparian land.

LEP 218 - Heritage Conservation Areas map (pdf. 2MB)

LEP 218 - Biodiversity significance map (pdf. 3MB)

LEP 218 - Riparian lands map (pdf. 2MB)

You can also search our online mapping tool for the above maps (KPSO).

Residential zones: 2(c1), 2(c2) and 2(d3) maps

Refer to Part 3A of the Ordinance written document for planning provisions relating to the LEP 200 maps.

Note: the maps below do NOT apply to land within a Deferred Area.

LEP 200 - Detached Dual Occupancy Map - Sheet 1 (pdf. 985KB)

LEP 200 - Detached Dual Occupancy Map - Sheet 2 (pdf. 1MB)

LEP 200 - Dwelling-house Subdivisions Map - Sheet 1 (pdf. 1MB)

LEP 200 - Dwelling-house Subdivisions Map - Sheet 2 (pdf. 1MB)

Notes about the Ordinance

The provisions of the Ordinance can only be varied or amended by following a state-regulated process which includes public exhibition. Council cannot approve development that is prohibited by the Ordinance.

During the course of its life the Ordinance has been amended many times. These amendments (known as Local Environmental Plans) are detailed in the Planning Scheme Ordinance Amendment Summary section in the written document.

Once the Deferred Areas are included in Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2015, the Ordinance and associated DCPs, codes and policies will cease to apply.

Development Control Plans

There are a number of Development Control Plans (DCP) that compliment the Ordinance (and therefore apply to the Deferred Areas).

DCPs for the Ordinance

Interim Development Orders

For the purpose of development applications that are currently under assessment by Council (and are therefore not assessed under Ku-ring-gai Local Environmental Plan 2015), there are two Interim Development Orders that apply to properties in Lindfield which the Ordinance does not apply:

Interim Development Order 29 - Lady Game Drive West Lindfield (pdf. 549KB)

Interim Development Order 78 - Treatts Road, Wolseley Road and Eleham Road Lindfield (pdf. 3MB)

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