DCP 47 - Water Management


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Contents Page (pdf. 74KB)


Chapter 1 - Introduction (pdf. 120KB)

Essential reading for all development proposals. Contains overall DCP Purpose and Objectives, explains how to use the Plan and explains the relationship between this and DCPs.

Chapter 2 - Dictionary (pdf. 47KB)


Chapter 3 - Determining Water Management (pdf. 293KB)

Essential reading for all development. It determines how you will use the rest of the document.

Chapter 4 - Site Planning and Building Design (pdf. 120KB) 

Contains controls that detail Council's expectations with respect to the use of site analysis and site survey information in planning and designing the development. It is relevant to all development.

Chapter 5 - Stormwater Discharge Leaving the Site (pdf. 225KB)


Sets controls for the way in which stormwater must be directed to the public drainage system or other system where a public drainage system cannot be reached. It also contains controls describing where it is necessary to obtain an inter-allotment drainage easement and how this is to be undertaken.

Chapter 6 - On-site Stormwater Management (pdf. 153KB)


Contains controls for on-site detention and retention, including mandatory rainwater tanks (where BASIX does not apply) and provides for innovative and cost-effective design that responds adequately to the site and its context.

Chapter 7 - Development Over and Adjacent to Drainage Systems (pdf. 105KB)


Relevant wherever development is proposed next to or over a pipe, drainage easement, natural watercourse, open channel or drainage depression. Provides for only limited development in such circumstances.

Chapter 8 - Water Quality (pdf. 133KB)


Requires water quality control during construction (all development) and water quality control post-development (multi-unit development and above).

Chapter 9 - Street and Trunk Drainage Design (pdf. 51KB)


Relevant wherever either you or Council determine that works in the road are required.

Chapter 10 - On-site Wastewater Management (pdf. 8KB)


 On-site wastewater management

Appendix 1a (pdf. 447KB)


Drainage catchments for on-site detention - Map A

Appendix 1b (pdf. 316KB)


Drainage catchments for on-site detention - Map B

Appendix 2 (pdf. 55KB)


Permitted site discharge and minimum on-site detention storage volumes

Appendix 3 (pdf. 45KB)


On-site detention calculation sheet

Appendix 4 (pdf. 19KB)


On-site stormwater detention certification sheet

Appendix 5 (pdf. 59KB)


Design of on-site detention systems

Appendix 6 (pdf. 71KB)


Specifications for water management devices

Appendix 7 (pdf. 55KB)


Design of property and interallotment drainage systems

Appendix 8 (pdf. 38KB)


Process for obtaining approval for connection into an easement

Appendix 9 (pdf. 19KB)


Sample letter to neighbours requesting an interallotment easement

Appendix 10 (pdf. 229KB)


Ku-ring-gai rainfall intensity, frequency and duration data

Appendix 11 (pdf. 73KB)


Flood study requirements

Appendix 12 (pdf. 70KB)


Connection of pipes to kerb/gutter or council pipes

Appendix 13 (pdf. 42KB)


On-site retention and reuse certification checklist

Appendix 14 (pdf. 55KB)


Terms of positive covenants and restrictions on use

Appendix 15 (pdf. 67KB)


Stormwater disposal trench

Appendix 16 (pdf. 2MB)


Riparian zones