Bushfire plans and policies

bushfire plans and policies  

In Ku-ring-gai, we're fortunate to be surrounded by natural bushland. However, severe bushfire can threaten lives and cause damage to property and the environment. That’s why we’ve got plans in place to ensure the community’s safety.

We're a member of the Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Bushfire Management Committee, which is responsible for coordinating bushfire planning in the local area. This Committee includes a range of stakeholders including:

Bush fire management documents

We have a number of policies and plans in place on what to do if a bushfire were to occur.

Bush Fire Risk Management Plan

Bush Fire Risk Management Plan 2016 - 2021 - Plan (pdf. 3MB)

Bush Fire Risk Management Plan 2016 - 2021- Appendix 1 (pdf. 70KB)

Bush Fire Risk Management Plan 2016 - 2021- Appendix 2 (pdf. 928KB)

Bush Fire Risk Management Plan 2016 - 2021 - Appendix 3 (pdf. 3MB)

Bush Fire Risk Management Plan 2016 - 2021 - Appendix 4 (pdf. 30MB)

Other key documents

Hornsby Ku-ring-gai Bushfire Risk Management Plan (pdf. 45MB)

Interactive bush fire risk management maps and treatment tables

Bushfire Management Policy (pdf. 4MB)

What to do in a bushfire emergency (pdf. 1MB)

Bushfire Management and Prevention brochure (pdf. 837KB)

遇到森林火災的緊急情況怎麼辦 (pdf. 6MB)

산불화재 비상사태시 대처방법 (pdf. 5MB)

Development in bushfire prone areas

If you're seeking to build on land in a bushfire prone area, your development will need to comply with additional planning and building requirements. You will also need to submit additional documentation with your application to obtain consent.

Read more on development in bushfire prone areas

Community protection plans

Community Protection Plans (CPPs) are a tool to help residents better understand bush fire risk in their community and how best to prepare for it. Not all communities will have a CPP; they are developed by the NSW RFS in close cooperation with Council and those communities at particular risk of impact from bush fire. This includes, for example, communities which rely on only a single access road and are therefore at greater risk of becoming cut off in a bushfire emergency.

CPPs are designed to provide communities with relevant and easy to understand information about bushfire in their area, including such things as:

  • the level of bush fire threat to a community, such as a town or village
  • options available to the community prior to and during the impact of bush fire
  • access to the area, as well as ways people can leave in the event of a bush fire
  • the current and proposed works, such as community engagement and hazard reduction, to help deal with the bush fire risk
  • identifying important or 'at-risk' facilities such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes and child care centres.

A Community Protection Plan has been prepared for the North Turramurra community and is available here:

North Turramurra CPP - Bush Fire Preparation Map (pdf. 6MB)
North Turramurra CPP - Bush Fire Survival Map (pdf. 4MB)

An information evening was held for North Turramurra residents in August 2016 where the draft CPP was explained and community members were invited to contribute to the process. A copy of the presentation given by RFS staff at that information evening can be found here: North Turramurra Community Protection Plan – RFS presentation to residents (pdf. 6MB) 

Bushfire management and what you can do