Bushland plans and policies

There are more than 119 bushland reserves in Ku-ring-gai covering more than 1,000 hectares. Most of these are small isolated pockets (around a hectare or less) of bushland. The major bushland reserves within the local government area provide contiguous habitat areas adjoining Garigal National Park to the east, Lane Cove National Park to the west and Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park to the north.
There are many different policies set by Council, the NSW Government and the Federal Government to protect the threatened bushland in Ku-ring-gai. These policies are listed below and contain important information for people wishing to develop within Ku-ring-gai.

Bushland plan of management

The Bushland Reserves Plan of Management was prepared by Council to meet the requirements of the Local Government Act 1993, Crown Lands Act 1989, and other relevant legislative requirements. It covers bushland (natural areas) owned by or under the care, control and management of Ku-ring-gai Council.

Learn more about Ku-ring-gai's Bushland Plan of Management & prioritisation matrix

Ku-ring-gai Biodiversity and Riparian Lands Study - Version 5 (pdf. 5MB)

Bushland encroachments

The Ku-ring-gai local government area contains approximately 92 kilometres of interface between bushland and private properties. In many locations, unauthorised extensions or 'encroachments' from private properties on to Council-managed bushland reserves have significantly impacted upon the natural environment, public access and Council's field operations. 

Learn about the impact of bushland encroachments and your obligations if you live on the bush interface.

Bushland Dumping and Encroachment Policy


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