Swimming pools

Pool safety 

In Australia, drowning is the single most common cause of death due to injury for children under five years of age. About half of these deaths occur in residential swimming pools or spas.

To help prevent drowning, the NSW Swimming Pools laws require correct child-safe barriers to be installed around private swimming pools, including inflatable pools that are capable of being filled with 30cm or more of water. Although inflatable and portable pools often hold less water than permanent swimming pools, they present the same drowning hazard.

Rules and regulations are in place to minimise risks and allow your family and friends to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool safely.

These include complying with the Swimming Pools Act 1992Swimming Pools Regulation 2008 and Australian Standard 1926.

It is compulsory for pool and spa owners to register their pools and assess whether their pools comply with safety standards. 

From 29 April 2016, a swimming pool owner must obtain a valid swimming pool compliance certificate  or Certificate of Non Compliance before they can sell or lease their property.

Council Swimming Pool Barrier Inspection Policy

Council Swimming pool barrier inspection policy (pdf. 201KB)

Swimming pool registration

How to register your pool

All swimming pools must be registered on a state wide pool register:

Swimming pool registration website

As part of the registration process the pool owner must certify to the best of their knowledge that their pool barrier complies with the regulations. The owner of the pool may opt to have Council register the pool for a fee of $10 on their behalf.  

The owner of the pool also has the option of using an accredited certifier to inspect the swimming pool barrier and issue a compliance certificate for a compliant barrier. The certificate of compliance or occupation certificate will be valid for 3 years.  Should you require Council to inspect and issue a certificate of compliance, complete the NSW Swimming Pool Register Application - Inspection of Swimming Pool Barrier and pay the prescribed fee of $150. Click here to order online.

  1. Should you wish Council to register your pool on your behalf click here - NSW Swimming Pool Register - Registration Form for Public Use (pdf. 170KB)
  2. You can register your pool directly click here - Swimming Pool Register website.

General requirements

The Swimming Pools Act 1992 requires private swimming pool owners to ensure that their pool is at all times surrounded by a child resistant barrier that separates the swimming pool from the dwelling on the property as well as any public or private place adjoining the property.

However, there are various exemptions that apply to pools built before 1 August 1990, pools on sites larger than 2 hectares, pools on sites less than 230 sqm, waterfront properties, indoor pools and spa pools.  


All pools require warning signs and resuscitation signs be erected in a prominent location in clear view of the swimming pool.