Graffiti & vandalism

Public property - Council-owned infrastructure

Ku-ring-gai Council uses VandalTrak which is a community crime management system combining graffiti reporting, removal, investigation and analysis in one.

Residents can report graffiti in seconds using their mobile phone, no matter where it occurs whether it's in a playground, on private property, at a school or on a train. VandalTrak uses GPS coordinates to fix the precise location of each tag so Council’s asset managers see instantly which of their assets are affected and allocate the job to a clean-up crew.

Log on to Vandaltrak to register, using a valid email address. There is no charge and it keeps the vandals out of VandalTrak. Next, install the "app" on your mobile phone or portable device.

Once that's done, you are ready to start reporting.

Public property - Public infrastructure not owned by Council

To report graffiti on public infrastructure that is not owned by Council contact the relevant authorities directly:

Private property

It is the responsibility of owners to remove graffiti from their private property.  Local Rotary clubs may be able to assist. Simply register and log a report with VandalTrak. Your message will be forwarded to the police and local Rotary clubs. You can also contact Rotary direct via email: