Activate Lindfield

Location: Lindfield

Description: This beautiful suburb will receive a much-needed facelift to its commercial and shopping area on eastern and western sides of the Pacific Highway.  We will see this centre resurrected with ‘new life’ as a vibrant village green and community hub.

Progress: Planning has commenced for the Lindfield Village Green and the Lindfield Community Hub. Further consultation will occur through 2014 for each project.  A consultation strategy has been prepared and once finalised it will be placed on this website.

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Lindfield Village Green

Location: Lindfield Village Green

Description: The Lindfield Village Green will be a vibrant new civic space in the very heart of Lindfield.  It will be located in the car park behind the Lindfield Avenue shops along Tryon Road with the car parking spaces proposed to be reconstructed underground.

Progress: Community consultation has commenced with flyers inviting people to sign up to our monthly e-newsletter mailed to residents and households of Lindfield in December. Nearly 4,500 flyers were sent to businesses in Lindfield in December with over 200 properties already signed up. Council is also planning a community event planned for 26 February 2014 at the Tryon Road car park from 3pm – 6pm. More information will be distributed in the coming weeks.

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Lindfield Community Hub

Location: Lindfield Community Hub

Description: The Lindfield Community Hub will be an exciting new hub within the community including library and community centre as well as streetscape improvement and a new park.  The Lindfield Community Hub will be located in the car park in behind the Pacific Highway strip shops.

Progress: The consultants are finalising reports which will be reported back to Council in the first half of 2014. The reports once finalised will be uploaded onto this website.

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