Animals and pets

We carry out regular patrols and education campaigns to ensure the safety and wellbeing of pets, pet owners and the larger community. We're also dedicated to developing plans and strategies that protect our biodiversity.





Register your pet

Register your pet - you only have to do it once in its lifetime.
pound local vets and animal welfare organisations list

Animal pound, vets and welfare organisations

Find out contact details for our animal pound, local vets and welfare organisations.

Companion Animal Management Services

We strive to encourage and promote responsible pet ownership under the NSW Companion Animals Act 1998.

Companion animal frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions.
off leash dog parks

Off-leash dog parks

Exercise and socialise your pooch at your local off-leash dog park.
lost and found pets

Lost and found pets

Lost your pet or found one? Report it here.
report dangerous or barking dog

Report a barking or nuisance dog

Use this quick online form to report a barking or nuisance dog.
sick or injured wildlife

Sick or injured wildlife

What to do if you find sick or injured wildlife.
deceased pet notification

Deceased pet notification

If your dog or cat has sadly passed away, please let us know by filling in this simple online form.
dogs and cats in bushland

Dogs and cats in bushland

Dogs and cats are banned from protected wildlife areas in bushland.

Tips for dog owners

View some tips for people who own or are thinking of owning a dog.

Tips for cat owners

Here are some tips for people who own or are thinking of owning a cat.
tips for poultry owners

Tips for keeping chickens

Here are some tips for people who own or are thinking of owning chickens.

Pest and feral animals

Many introduced fauna species have become pest animals, affecting local biodiversity and urban environments.