Dodge that Dog Bite

Council recently received funding from the Office of Local Government to run a Responsible Dog Ownership Project. The project comprised of dog themed signage, behavioural dog training courses and an educational campaign. 
Dogs are our companions and our best friends. Yet even the most loyal and affectionate dogs can attack or bite people without warning, depending on circumstances. 
Approximately 75% of dog attacks reported in Ku-ring-gai were by unleashed or unattended dogs outside their homes. 
Remember: Dogs MUST be leashed EVERYWHERE unless otherwise stated and dogs MUST be secured appropriately to prevent them from escaping.
Under the Companion Animal Act a dog that ‘rushes at, attacks, bites, harasses or chases any person or animal, whether or not any injury is caused’, has committed a dog attack. There are serious repercussions for dog attacks which include infringements, Nuisance Dog Orders, Menacing Dog Orders, Dangerous Dog Orders and prosecution in the local court. 

Early Intervention, Menacing and Dangerous Dog Training

A speciality dog training course was developed to address nuisance, menacing and dangerous dog behaviour. Owner of dogs known to Council through minor dog attack incidents or Menacing/Dangerous Dog declarations were invited to attend the 5 week course with their dog in October 2015.
The course included modules to:
  • Introduce the basic principles of dog training
  • Develop handler’s basic understanding of canine behaviour
  • Develop an understanding of desensitisation and counter conditioning
  • Develop an understanding of environmental management 
  • Develop skills in handling boisterous, anxious or aggressive dogs 
  • Develop handler’s skills in managing nuisance behaviours
  • Develop handler’s skills in managing behavioural problems
There were a variety of dogs and breeds represented at the course due to varying forms of aggression, including human aggression, dog aggression, predatory aggression, fear or anxiety and territorial aggression. These dogs are all loved companion animals and their owners are committed to modifying and managing their dog’s behaviour to ensure the community is kept safe. 
The pilot dog training course has been declared a success by all those that participated; Ku-ring-gai now has 15 dogs that are more socially acceptable and well balanced.  As a result Council aims to incorporate this training course into future Animal Management Plans. 
If you would like to report a dog attack or have concerns regarding your own dog’s behaviour please contact our Companion Animal Management Officer during business hours on 9424 0000 or