Bushland and wildlife management


Ku-ring-gai has a vast, beautiful and unique natural environment with over 30% of our local government area covered in bushland. This includes 158 bushland reserves, covering approximately 1,160 hectares, providing continuous habitat areas adjoining Garigal National Park to the east, Lane Cove National Park to the west and Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park to the north. The area supports 690 fauna species and more than 800 plant species including endangered ecological communities.

Caring for our bushland reserves


Please view our current Recreation in Natural Areas Strategy. (pdf. 5MB)

We encourage the community to enjoy our bushland with minimal impact. We are proud of the ongoing maintenance and improvement of recreational facilities which include:

Walking trails and tracks


Orienteering and rogaining

Mountain Biking

Sports, recreation and events

Rock Climbing

Bushland regeneration

In 2017/18, we actively managed over 1,769,000m2 of bushland, complemented by the efforts of our hardworking Bushcare volunteers. We also carry out vegetation maintenance such as ecological burns.

Catchment management

A key part of maintaining bushland ecosystems is managing our waterways and catchments, minimising the impact of storm water, improving water quality and preventing erosion. 

Conservation of local species

We undertake a wide range of activities to protect our flora and fauna. Wildlife monitoring surveys, identifying and protecting key habitat, creating wildlife protection areas, minimising threats and implementing recovery plans, all contribute to their long-term survival.

Controlling pests and weeds

Pests and weeds pose a serious threat to our natural biodiversity. We work to eradicate, prevent the spread of and educate residents on the dangers of noxious and environmental weeds. We also run programs to control feral animals like foxes and rabbits.


Managing the way we live in bushland areas and handle bushfire risk is an important part of what we do. We deliver Climate Wise Community Programs to ensure residents are aware of the risks and how to prepare their homes in case of emergency. We also take direct action to reduce fire risk through hazard reduction burns and fire trail works. 


We engage with our passionate Ku-ring-gai community through our What’s On Sustainability calendar of talks, workshops and events, our Volunteer for Nature program and out in our natural areas through signage, information displays and community campaigns. 

Stay in touch

If you would like to ask a question or talk to a member of the Natural Areas team please phone 9424 0000 or email: naturalareas@kmc.nsw.gov.au 

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