We're working on building more footpaths in Ku-ring-gai to improve safety and amenity, especially in high traffic areas or in streets close to shops, train stations, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and parks.

Council allocates funding for the design and construction of new footpaths, the reconstruction of existing footpaths that are in poor condition, as well as ongoing maintenance to remove trip hazards and improve pedestrian accessibility. Listed in the tables below are the current planned footpath programs by suburb.

New footpaths

The following tables list new footpaths which are confirmed to be completed.

Capital Works Program 2017/18 Financial Year




Lindfield East Brisbane Road Walk – connection pathway from Brisbane Ave to Tryon Road Planning
Pymble Crown Road – Opposite Pymble Public School Completed
  Pymble Avenue – complete to Golfers Parade Completed
St Ives Shinfield Avenue – Between Mona Vale Road and Rosedale road - Northern side   Planning
Wahroonga Cleveland Street – From No1 to No15 Eastern side Planning
Warrawee Rothwell Ave – Finlay to Roland Ave, Northern side Planning

Draft Capital Works Program 2018/19 Financial Year



Gordon Lynn Ridge Ave – No1 to St Johns Ave
Lindfield Robinson Street – Tryon Road to Damour Ave – Eastern side
St Ives Oxford Place – Full length to cul-de-sac – North side
  Yarrabung Road – Grevillea Street to Melaleuca Drive
Wahroonga The Comenara Parkway - Coups Creel to Browns Road - Shoulder works for path.   
Warrawee Finlay Road – Monteith Street to Rothwell Road
  Finlay Road – No58 to Monteith Street
  Mitchell Crescent – Rothwell Road to No3, Park entrance
  Monteith Street - Cornwall Avenue to Montrose Street, North Side

 Draft Capital Works Program 2019/20 Financial Year



Killara Wattle Street – Karranga Avenue to Roseberry Road – South side                             
Pymble Pentecost Avenue – Moorina Road to Merrivale Road – South side  
St Ives Memorial Avenue – Killeaton Street to Lincoln Road – East side
Wahroonga Westbrook Avenue – Boundary Road to Gladys Avenue – East Side
  Westbrook Avenue – Burns Road to Endeavour Street – East side

How does Council determine new footpaths?

New footpaths are considered through requests from the public and get included in Council’s master list of proposed footpath works.

In April 2002 several criteria were adopted to prioritise the work to provide a rational basis and ensure that the expenditure of Council’s limited resources benefits the maximum number of residents. This criteria adopted by Council incorporates volumes of vehicular and pedestrian traffic, accessibility and the proximity of shops, rail stations, schools, hospitals, nursing homes and parks.

Each criterion has levels of weighting to assign importance. The adopted criteria and weightings are tabled below.

When a footpath is requested, staff conducts an investigation. The footpath is assessed against Council’s adopted criteria to determine an overall scoring.  The overall scoring is used to prioritise into an indicative construction year, based on continuing the current budget and criteria.footpath graph.png

Footpath maintenance and reconstruction

Inspection programs are in place whereby our footpaths are routinely inspected and assessed by staff. The entire Ku-ring-gai area is inspected every five years, with high pedestrian areas around shops and railways inspected more frequently.

Reconstruction and maintenance programs are then determined based on a priority system and available funding. The prioritisation or timing of repair uses two main criteria:

  1. The severity of the defect, or relative condition and

  2. The frequency of use of the footpath

Inspections are also undertaken of any reported concerns from the public.

It is often necessary to undertake temporary repairs to ensure safe pedestrian usage prior to programming of the permanent repairs.

Footpath reconstruction program 2017/18




Gordon Khartoum Avenue - Werona Avenue to Rosedale Road Completed
  Werona Avenue - Elva to Northcote  Completed

Balfour Street - Pacific Highway to Bent Street

Commencing April / May

  Napier Street - Norwood Avenue to Bent Street Completed 

Duntroon Avenue - Archbold Road to Moore Street

Commencing April

  Earl Street - Archbold Road to Moore Street Completed 
Roseville Chase Babbage Road - at Echo Point Planning
  Duntroon Avenue - Babbage Road to Warrane Road Planning 

King Street - Eastern Road to end


  Ku-ring-gai Avenue - Womerah Street to Wonga Wonga Street Completed

Haydon Avenue - Warrawee Station to Yosefa Avenue


  Bangalla Street - Warrawee Avenue to Millewa Avenue Completed

Billyard Walk - Cleveland Street to Illoura Lane


  Cleveland Street - Burns Road to Water Street and Billyard Avenue to Millewa Avenue Completed
  Water Street - east of Cleveland Street  Completed
  Burns Road - Wahroonga to Grosvenor (north side) Planning 

Current footpath maintenance locations

Footpath maintenance consists of small repairs to eliminate trip hazards, repair damaged pathways, improve accessibility, or provide temporary repairs prior to later programmed works. Listed below are major programmed footpath maintenance works only. Small footpath maintenance jobs are conducted weekly and due to their volume are not listed.




West Pymble  Wallalong Crescent - Boronga Avenue to Edenholme Street  Current works


For further details refer to Council’s adopted Footpath Maintenance and Repairs Policy and Procedures (pdf. 63KB).

Please contact us if you have spotted a footpath in need of repair.