Recycle right in Ku-ring-gai


A study of Ku-ring-gai's waste has shown that the mixed recycling bin (yellow lid) is the collection that residents are most confused about.

The study has shown that some residents still believe they can place their bottles and cans inside of plastic bags in their recycling bins. Items for recycling should never be placed in a plastic bag. Council recycling collections are limited to items that are accepted at the recycling sorting facility.

Plastic bags

Plastic bags are one of the most problematic items at recycling centres. The sorting staff simply don't know what's inside so the whole bag is rejected and sent to landfill.

Please only recycle plastic bags and other soft plastics at participating supermarkets.

Request a 'No Plastic Bags in Recycling Bins' sticker

Click the button below to use our online form to have a 'No Plastic Bags in Recycling Bins' sticker posted to you.

Council encourages residents to place the sticker on the left hand side of their recycling bin (when facing bin) to help convey this message to all walking or driving by.


Other Items made from glass plastic and steel

Another misconception is that any item that is made from glass, plastic or steel can be placed in the mixed recycling bin (yellow lid). This unfortunately isn't the case.

The only items that can be recycled in the mixed recycling bin (yellow lid) are disposable household containers from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, as shown above. This is because the machinery at the recycling centre has been designed to specifically sort these items.

Other items such as coat hangers, garden hoses, video tapes, pvc pipes and children's plastic toys have the potential to bring the whole facility to a halt. Some of these items can be recycled, but only at specialised facilities when delivered in bulk.


This also includes styrofoam which cannot be recycled in Council bins despite having the recycling triangle displayed on it.

The recycling triangle is an indicator of the material the object is made from, not whether it can be collected/recycled in Council Services. Please place polystyrene/styrofoam and other packing foam in the general waste bin.

Foil lined cartons are acceptable

Foil lined cartons are acceptable in the mixed recycling bin (yellow lid). Non foil lined cardboard cartons can go in the blue lid paper bin eg. milk cartons.

Waste and recycling in Ku-ring-gai

If you have ever wondered what happens to your recycling once it's collected, the video below provides a great overview of our waste services and offers some great recycling tips along the way.