Common parking signs

No stopping

The no stopping symbol means you are not allowed to stop unless traffic conditions require you to, e.g. in a traffic queue. These zones are created primarily for public safety.

No parking

The no parking symbol means you must not stop unless you are dropping off or picking up passengers or goods. You must stay within three metres of your vehicle and complete the drop off/pick up within two minutes.

Time limit parking zone

Time limits are specified on some parking signs. This means many people can use the parking space within a set period of time, rather than one vehicle occupying the space all day. The limited time is shown next to the letter P, e.g. 1P allows one hour of parking. Where the time limit is very short, the word 'minute' is shown with the number, e.g. 10MINUTE.

Loading zone

Loading zones are clearly signposted parking areas set aside for short-term use by certain vehicles when loading or unloading goods for business, or when dropping off or picking up passengers. Loading zones are usually located in urban centres for the use of vehicles designed to carry goods. Vehicles such as trucks, utes and panel vans are allowed to park in loading zones for a maximum of 30 minutes. 4WDs, people movers and small SUVs are not allowed to use loading zones.