Safe parking tips

Read the signs

Regulated parking areas are clearly sign-posted to advise motorists of parking requirements for that particular area.

Be aware of signage changes

Some timed zones may become clearways, transit lanes or bus lanes.

Ask a parking ranger

If you are unsure about the rules and regulations, our parking rangers are happy to help you out.

Loading zones

Only park in a loading zone if your vehicle is principally designed to carry goods. Sedans are not permitted at any time.

Disabled zones

Disabled zones are designated for vehicles with a valid Mobility Parking Scheme Permit which must be displayed clearly on your vehicle. The penalty is in excess of $380.

Park in the direction of travel

Position your vehicle in the same direction as passing traffic.

Avoid double parking

Stopping your vehicle next to another vehicle which is already parked is very dangerous. It forces other vehicles to enter the lane of oncoming traffic, stops traffic flow and impedes vision.

Don’t park across footpaths, driveways or nature strips

This prevents pedestrian access, can damage the path or nature strip and, in the case of emergency, impedes help from ambulances, fire vehicles or police.

General tips

  • Do not park within 10 metres of an intersection without traffic lights or 20 metres of an intersection with traffic lights unless signage indicates otherwise
  • Do not stop in a no stopping area, clearway or bus zone at any time
  • School zone offences carry demerit points
  • Use car parks provided by Council