Road safety programs

Book in for a child car seat safety check or driver supervisor workshop, download driving lessons and browse general safety information.

We work with Roads and Maritime ServicesNSW Police and other local councils to continue improving road safety for the community.


2018 Road safety calendar

This new calendar uses a blend of retro images and humour to convey some serious road safety messages.
choose a plan b and avoid drink driving

Choose a Plan B and avoid drink driving

Ku-ring-gai Council is encouraging it's residents and visitors to think about their Plan B before heading out.

Child car seat safety program

Council holds two free child car seat safety checks a year.
driving sessions for learners booklet

Driving Sessions for Learners booklet

The Driving Sessions for Learners booklet features nine pre-prepared, graded driving sessions to help learners gain experience.
podestrian safety

Pedestrian safety

The Distracted…? campaign includes print advertising, face-to-face promotions and various types of outdoor advertising.
bike safety

Bike safety

Learn more about riding your bike safely around Ku-ring-gai's streets.
demerit points

Demerit points

Demerit points apply for drivers and motorcycle riders in NSW.
safety around schools

Safety around schools

Be extra alert when driving or riding in a school zone.
safe parking tips

Safe parking tips

Read the signs and be aware of sign changes.
workshop for supervisors of learner drivers

Workshop for supervisors of learner drivers

These free workshops provide help to parents and supervisors of learner drivers.
motorcycle crash cards

Motorcycle Crash Cards

Order your Crash Card online.