Pedestrian safety

pedestrian safety

Safety tips for pedestrians

  • Avoid using mobile phones or music devices?
  • Cross at marked crossings or traffic lights.
  • If you have to walk or run on the road, do so in the direction of oncoming traffic so you are more visible.
  • At traffic lights cross only when the pedestrian signal is green.  Do not start to cross when the red light flashes.
  • Before you cross a road, think about whether a driver can see you.
  • Make eye contact with the driver before stepping out onto a crossing.
  • Never assume a vehicle will stop for you.
  • Avoid crossing between parked cars or in front of buses.
  • Children eight years and under should hold an adult's hand at all times.
  • Children ten years and under should hold an adult's hand when crossing the road.
  • Wear bright or light coloured clothing at night or in reduced visibility conditions.

Safety tips for drivers

  • You must give way to pedestrians crossing the road if you are in danger of colliding with them, even if there is no marked pedestrian crossing.
  • Slow down on roads where there are likely to be pedestrians.
  • Don't assume a pedestrian has seen you and will wait for you to go past.
  • Older pedestrians may need longer to cross.
  • Children are difficult to see and may act unpredictably.