Safety around schools

Be extra alert when driving or riding in a school zone. When children are at school, there is more traffic and pedestrian activity during peak times. Children are extremely vulnerable road users due to their size, unpredictability and inability to judge speed or distance.

Safety around schools program 2018-19

The Safety Around Schools program focuses on educating parents/carers and drivers about safe and legal behaviours in and around school zones.

Individual resources will be distributed to all parents of primary school students to raise awareness of road safety issues, support by signage around schools, courtesy speed checks and Ranger enforcement to ensure compliance.

If you would like to request a copy of the resources please email the Road Safety Officer at

2019, Term 1 resources

A suite of electronic artwork and online resources has been emailed to all primary schools to use in their newsletters, Facebook page, skoolbag apps and websites.

Bus Safety Week 18 – 24 February 2019

Parking and road rules in school zones (pdf. 750KB)

Parking and road rules in school zones Chinese version (pdf. 409KB)

A guide to Children’s Crossings (pdf. 389KB)

2018, Term 3 resources

With kindergarten orientation days approaching, all schools have been emailed a Road Safety Kindergarten Orientation PowerPoint presentation, which highlights important road safety issues.

Schools can also order hard copies of their Walk to School map to include in orientation packs by emailing Council's Road Safety Officer.

Plus the Parking and Traffic Rules flyer available in Term 2 has been translated into Chinese (pdf. 424KB) and supplied to all schools.

Schools can also utilise the School Travel Ideas Guide to involve and encourage their school community to use alternative, sustainable ways to travel to school.

Plus the Kindergarten Orientation Road Safety Kits are now available to order through The Centre for Road Safety.

2018, Term 2 resource  

All schools have been emailed a detailed double sided flyer Parking and Traffic Rules.

View the Parking and Traffic Rules flyer (pdf. 752KB)

2018, Term 1 resources

A suite of electronic artwork and online resources has been emailed to all primary schools to use in their newsletters, Facebook page, skoolbag apps and websites.

  • Parking Safely Around Schools brochure (pdf. 5MB) is an easy reference to parking signs, their restrictions and the associated fines when caught parking illegally.
  • Road Safety Tips and Facts sheets with important road safety messages under six categories – General road safety messages, Passengers, Pedestrians, Rider, Driveways and car parks, Parking signs and rules.
  • Give it a go...walk to school today! variety of electronic postcards.
  • PLUS our Walking to School maps are now ready for school communities to use.

School zones

Keep to the 40km/hr speed limit when travelling through school zones. School zones apply Monday to Friday, 8am – 9.30am and 2.30pm – 4pm.

Triangular road markings, or Dragon's Teeth, are used at the entry point to school zones, along with flashing signs and 40km/hr signs, to increase visibility for motorists. Some schools also operate a school crossing supervisor program and drop-off and pick-up zones.

Parking around schools

Parking is limited around schools and can be chaotic during peak times. Parents and carers should park and drop off in a safe and legal manner. Do not double park, and obey parking signs at all times. Some schools operate drop-off and pick-up zones.

Getting to school

Have you considered walking, cycling or catching the bus to school? This can help ease congestion.

Penalties for offences in school zones

There are increased penalties for breaking the road rules in school zones, which includes loss of demerit points and fines.  These fines have been set by the RMS and are there to help make the roads safer for your children.