Collection schedule

Collection schedule

Your general waste bin is collected weekly, all other bins fortnightly.

Search for your collection dates using your address

Or alternatively print a copy of your calendar. Follow these steps.

1. Look up your street in this list Waste Collection Zones By Streets.pdf (pdf. 62KB) . If your street is not shown please contact

2. Note whether your street is a 1. or 2. zone. If your street runs over both zones check additional information.

3. Choose appropriate 1. or 2. zone calendar.

Waste Calendar 2019-2020 1 (pdf. 2MB)

Waste Calendar 2019-2020 2 (pdf. 2MB)

Collection tips

Make sure your bins are collected quickly and safely by following these simple tips:

  • Put your bins out the night before collection day.
  • Bin handles must face your house so lids open to the street.
  • Place bins half a metre apart so the truck arm can pick them up.
  • Make sure lids are closed.
  • Do not put extra waste or recycling next to or on top of bins - ask us about additional services.
  • Do not place bins close to trees or cars or under low-hanging cables.
  • Do not store your bins permanently on the nature strip.
  • A weight restriction of 100kg applies to all bins.
  • Dispose of chemicals safely at a Chemical CleanOut.
  • Dispose of needles and syringes safely at pharmacies.