Mobile chipping service

We offer a free mobile chipping service four times a year in February, May, August and November.

Each location is designated a different week during the month. Please book well before the start of each chipping month to ensure you don't miss out on your designated week.

An environmentally-friendly contractor will come around to the nature strip outside your home to mulch tree branches and turn them into chips which you can then put on your garden.

You can place up to three cubic metres of tree prunings on your nature strip the night before your booking (the 3m3 volume limit applies to unchipped material).

Branches need to be moist in order to be mulched so please cut your branches two or three days before your booking.

Please note: No grass, bamboo, sticks, twigs, dry timber, tree stumps, noxious weeds or moist fibrous plants such as palm fronds and banana trees will be chipped.

Reminder: You must obtain permission from Council to prune or remove trees more than five metres tall or four metres wide.

All tree works on properties located within a Heritage Conservation Area or on Heritage Item properties require Council permission. Check our Trees page for more information.

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