Request a bin or repair

Bins are supplied to units on a shared basis. All bins have a capacity of 240 litres. A garbage bin is provided for every two units. Recycling bins (1 paper and 1 mixed ) are provided for every 4 units.

Please contact us if you require more bins and we can check your bin entitlement.

Greenwaste bins

Greenwaste bins are available and can be obtained by the Strata Manager or the Body corporate. To get a greenwaste bin for your units please complete the Units Greenwaste Bin Form.pdf (pdf. 189KB)

Damaged or stolen bins*

If your bins have been damaged or stolen, click here to have them replaced or repaired

*IMPORTANT: Please ensure your bin remains kerbside (even overnight) and allow two business days for collection or repair to occur.

Make sure we can access your bins

Our waste contractor requires unimpeded access to waste areas for collections. Any security gates or doors will need to be fitted with Council's master key.

It is also important to ensure that cleanup waste is not stored in bin rooms as it can obstruct bins, preventing them from being safely collected.