What goes in which bin?

These lists aren't exhaustive, so contact us if you're not sure what to put in your bins.

Bin Put it in Leave it out Tips
Non-recyclable household waste (grey or red lid) Food waste (if you don't compost), plastic bags and wrap, packing foam and foam meat trays, nappies, sawdust (must be bagged) Car batteries, paints and chemicals, soil and rocks, building materials, gas bottles, hot ash, recyclables You can drop off chemical waste at our regular Chemical CleanOuts. You can also recycle TVs and computers at Kimbriki or Sita sites.
Paper recycling (blue lid) Newspapers and magazines, office paper and envelopes (including window faced), telephone books, clean cardboard such as egg and milk cartons and clean pizza boxes Nappies, food-soiled paper and cardboard, waxed cardboard, plastic bags Flatten, crush or tear up boxes, and ensure you remove plastic wrap from junk mail and newspapers. Plastic bags can be recycled at some supermarkets – check with yours.
Mixed recycling (yellow lid) Plastic bottles and containers from the kitchen, bathroom and laundry, steel and aluminium cans (including aerosols), empty dry paint tins, glass bottles and jars, foil-lined milk and juice cartons Window or mirror glass, plastic toys, crockery, porcelain, ceramics, plastic bags and wrap, packing foam, foam food trays, paint tins containing paint Rinse out bottles, cans and jars; remove tops and lids from bottles and jars; and flatten containers. Plastic bags and packets can be recycled at some supermarkets – check with yours.
Greenwaste (green) Leaf litter, grass, weeds, small branches up to 150mm in diameter and 600mm in length, bush and hedge trimmings Food scraps, soil, rocks, treated timber, large branches, building materials, plastic, garden tools, flower pots, soiled paper

Need help disposing of prunings? Check out our mobile chipping service. You even get to keep the mulch for reuse on your garden!

Please note : 100kg weight limit applies to all bins.

Are you wanting to recycle something that is not listed?  Try searching www.recyclingnearyou.com.au

Bin stickers

These stickers for your bin lids make it easy to decide what to put in each bin. You'll need some blank A4 labels to print onto.

Non-recyclable household waste sticker (pdf. 192KB)

Paper recycling sticker (pdf. 51KB)

Mixed recycling sticker (pdf. 58KB)

Greenwaste sticker (pdf. 171KB)