Waste and recycling tips

Did you know?

  • On average, Australians produce more than 2kg of waste per person every day - this is the second highest amount in the world behind the US!
  • In Ku-ring-gai we collect about 20,000 tonnes of waste each year and 30,000 tonnes of recycling, but we can do better - about 1,600 tonnes of recyclables such as paper and steel cans still wind up in landfill
  • Australia leads the world as the number one recycler of old newspapers, recycling over 70 per cent
  • By recycling one aluminium can you're saving enough energy to run your TV for three hours
  • Each cardboard milk carton can be recycled into five sheets of office paper
  • It takes about one million years for a glass bottle to break down in landfill
  • Producing new plastic from recycled materials only uses two-thirds of the energy required to make plastic from raw materials
  • The most common form of hazardous waste generated by Aussies is in the form of batteries

Tips for reducing waste

  • Only dispose of items that cannot be reused or recycled
  • When shopping, choose items without packing or that come packaged in recyclable material
  • Buy in bulk
  • Use reusable shopping bags
  • Start a compost bin or worm farm

Tips for recycling

  • Remove tops and lids from bottles and jars
  • Rinse out bottles, cans and jars
  • Flatten boxes and plastic containers to save bin space
  • Don't put items in plastic bags as they cannot be recycled
  • Ensure you remove plastic wrap from junk mail and newspapers
  • Avoid buying products in non-recyclable packaging

Visit the Planet Ark website for more recycling tips.