Find your collection schedule, request a bin, enquire about an extra service or get some recycling tips.

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Rubbish ready to be collected

Cleanup and whitegoods collection

Book your free cleanup online right now.
collection schedule

Collection schedule

Waste and recycling collection schedule and frequency for houses in Ku-ring-gai.

Houses waste management service levels

Services levels available for waste for houses.
request a bin or repair

Request a bin or repair

If your bin is damaged or stolen, we can arrange to have it replaced or repaired.

Missed garbage collection

Submit an online request & we will collect it as soon as possible.


We offer a range of services and programs to help you recycle more.
Rubbish dumped illegally in Ku-ring-gai

Illegal dumping

Suspect some rubbish has been dumped illegally? Report it to us and we'll investigate it.
dangerous waste

Dangerous waste

Find out how to dispose of chemicals, electronics, medicines, sharps and asbestos safely.
compost bins and worm farms

Composting and worm-farming

Composting and worm farming are both great ways to reduce your household waste and naturally fertilise your garden.
mobile chipping

Mobile chipping service

We offer a free, environmentally friendly chipping service four times a year.
where does it all go

Where does it all go?

Ever wondered what happens to your waste and recycling after the garbage truck comes?
what goes in which bin

What goes in which bin?

Find out what goes in which bin and get some quick tips.
waste management centres

Waste Management Centres

Nearest Waste Management Centres and contact details.
tv and e-waste

TVs and computer recycling

Dispose of your old televisions and computers.