Request a bin or repair

Request a larger bin or more bins by downloading the relevant form below. All requests must be signed by the property owner or real estate agent on the owner’s behalf.

Bin repairs or stolen bins

If your bins have been damaged or stolen, click here to have them replaced or repaired

Request larger general waste bin (grey)

You can apply to increase your bin size from 120L to 240L.

Before you apply, have a think about whether you really need one. Can you reduce your waste? There are some simple things you can do, such as recycling more or buying products that use less packaging, which can save space.

Larger Waste Bin Form (pdf. 190KB)

Request second greenwaste bin (green)

Houses Additional Green Waste Bin Form (pdf. 189KB)

Need more recycling bins (blue and yellow lids)

Contact us to request more recycling bins – you must demonstrate a legitimate need.

Additional recycling bins are not available to home businesses or dual occupancies.